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Therefore, the number of utilized communication links and the total number of transferred individuals of D-PGA are almost equal to those of an R-PGA but significantly lower than those of an FC-PGA.
In the study, D-PGA, an R-PGA and an FC-PGA (hereafter simply called R-PGA and FC-PGA) have been implemented using the MPI 2.0 library.
In the following sections, we provide the numerical results first for D-PGA versus R-PGA, and then D-PGA versus FC-PGA.
FC-PGA tests were conducted for the test functions with 10 and 20 variables.
Table V shows that D-PGA clearly beats FC-PGA for smaller population sizes (i.e.
Prices for the Pentium III 500E, 100MHz FC-PGA chip start at $239 in quantities of 1,000.
These include the Intel Pentium III processor, 600MHz, in FC-PGA package, 256K L2 cache on die and Intel 840 chipset; the Intel Pentium III processor-Low Power, 400 MHz, 256K L2 cache on die; the Intel Pentium III processor-Low Power Module, 500 MHz, 256K L2 cache on Die; the Intel Pentium III processor/840 Development Kit Intel Pentium III processor Low Power Development Kit; the Flexible Platform Design Guide; the Intel 440BX Flexible Motherboard Development Kit and the Intel Applied Computing System Firmware Library v1.1, with Pentium III processor support.
Hay que resaltar que los nuevos modelos Celeron se producen con el paquete FC-PGA e incluyen bus de sistema a 66 MHz.