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The results of these four independent studies were then used to develop the operational requirements for the FCS. The initial system configuration of the FCS contained nine manned ground vehicles, four classes of unmanned aerial vehicles, four different unmanned robotic ground vehicles, and numerous unmanned ground sensors, communications networks, and intelligence systems.
These same officials also believed that the Army's acquisition workforce lacked enough people with the expertise to execute the systems engineering function in the timeframe and at the level required for the FCS program.
Notice 2003-38 has apparently missed the mark in its attempt to encourage those FCs that have not met the 18-month filing deadline to file tax returns, because the program was not available for any year in which an FC had previously filed a return (including a protective return).
For the reasons stated and shown in the above example, the compliance initiative announced in the notice, in all likelihood, did not result in many FCs coming forward to file returns.
"This FCS selection gives us the opportunity to serve the Army's transformation needs and advance the ground robotics field in support of our troops on the ground."
"It was strange being in [the gay bar] the Eagle and being approached by a guy who said, `You're in FCS North, huh?' I thought, Who are you, where did you come from, and why did you know this ?" he laughs.
"The Army is taking full advantage of FCS technologies as they are developed in the near term, and expeditiously putting them into the hands of soldiers," Harvey said.
At the other end of the FCS size spectrum is the Manned Ground Vehicle Chassis Testbed, which demonstrated its agility and speed during circuits of a small test track at APG's Perryman Test Range.
"FCS represents a new, accelerated approach to acquiring systems-of-systems capabilities," said Jim Albaugh, president and CEO of Boeing Space and Communications.
FCS is a networked system of improved communications links and lighter, more mobile armored vehicles that is, in effect, the backbone of the Army's long-term transition plan to reach what it calls the 'objective force." FCS will serve as the core building block to develop what the Army calls "overmatching" combat power, sustainability, agility and versatility necessary for full-spectrum military operations.
FCS is a joint, networked-centered "system of systems" that is focused to support the nation's most important system--The Soldier--to give them unprecedented situational awareness that will allow them to see first, understand first, act first, and finish decisively.
FCS is composed of The Soldier, supported by an advanced communications and digital information network that connects 18 manned and unmanned ground and aerial vehicles and sensors and munitions.