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The Army is taking full advantage of FCS technologies as they are developed in the near term, and expeditiously putting them into the hands of soldiers," Harvey said.
For the FCS program, this was the Army's first utilization of contractors to do what had traditionally been done organically.
Under the FCS ANS program, General Dynamics Robotic Systems will be responsible for the design, development, integration, testing and manufacture of a system that is capable of autonomously controlling any of several vehicles designated by the Army, including the Multi-functional Utility Logistics Equipment (MULE) platform, the Armed Reconnaissance Vehicle, and the Manned Ground Vehicle.
FCS is a joint, networked-centered "system of systems" that is focused to support the nation's most important system--The Soldier--to give them unprecedented situational awareness that will allow them to see first, understand first, act first, and finish decisively.
Phantom Works, Boeing's advanced research and development arm, working with Boeing Space and Communications, and SAIC led separate teams for the Concept Definition phase of FCS.
FCS works closely with Baxter as part of a multi-faceted parts planning operation, where Baxter supplies advanced planning tools with the latest version of Prophet, the industry-leading service supply chain planning solution.
Deployment on the Abrams, Bradley, and HMMWV platforms is among the Army's initial "spin-outs" of incremental FCS technologies to the current force.
Following receipt of the claim, FCS contacts the insured to verify the correct make and model of the mobile electronic equipment through its proprietary WebCARS(TM) estimating technology.
We are pleased the FCS One Team selected our approach as the best-value solution for the Manned Ground Vehicles," said Matt Riddle, BAE Systems' director of Advanced Development at Santa Clara, Calif.
Winfried Hartmann, Managing Director of FCS, comments, "We are always considering innovative ways to improve the quality of service we provide to our customers and the SCOPE system, combined with HLT's considerable expertise within the air cargo industry, seemed the perfect match of flexibility, state of the art technology and increased management control with a proven return on investment.
According to Dan Kara, conference chairman and President of Robotics Trends, "We are delighted that Boeing, the FCS Lead Systems Integrator, is sponsoring the RoboBusiness Conference and Exposition.
As the command, control, communications, computing, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR) infrastructure used across all FCS platforms, General Dynamics' ICS will provide computer processing, networking, information assurance, and data storage resources necessary to support the network-centric operations of FCS.