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These same officials also believed that the Army's acquisition workforce lacked enough people with the expertise to execute the systems engineering function in the timeframe and at the level required for the FCS program.
The delivery of the first FCS systems will mark the introduction of the next generation of combat systems and sensors and of a network that will for the first time link all the sensor pictures gathered across the modern battlefield, said Brig.
SAIC brings a team of experienced senior engineers and scientists with strong DARPA and Army experience and expertise that is critical to the FCS program: systems engineering; modeling, simulation; test and evaluation; combat systems; command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance," said Duane Andrews, SAIC corporate executive vice president.
Part of what makes FCS transformational is its adherence to the new DoD Evolutionary Acquisition model of Spiral Development, which allows developers to insert emerging technology as the systems mature over time.
Our working with FCS strikes at the core of that principle by expanding our footprint in the growing marketplace of mobile electronics replacement.
Under the FCS MGV contract, BAE Systems has responsibility for five MGV variants: Non-Line-of-Sight Cannon (NLOS-C); Infantry Carrier Vehicle (ICV); Medical Vehicle (MV); Non-Line of Sight Mortar (NLOS-M), and FCS Recovery and Maintenance Vehicle (FRMV).
SCOPE will enable FCS to leverage the advantages of mobile handheld terminals to track and manage cargo in real-time within the cargo terminal.
LynuxWorks enables developers to easily move FCS applications between those that have been developed for standard Linux environments and those targeted for embedded RTOS platforms with no costly or lengthy porting process.
FCS is a networked "system-of-systems," combining advanced communications and technologies to link soldiers with both manned and unmanned ground and air platforms and sensors.
On October 20, 2004, FCS of America announced that its board of directors voted to terminate its agreement with Rabobank and remain a System institution.