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(Fibre Channel Over Ethernet) A protocol for transmitting Fibre Channel frames over 10G Ethernet. FCoE replaces the bottom Fibre Channel (FC) layers F0 and F1 with Enhanced Ethernet layers, enabling the same network port on a server to carry Fibre Channel frames to an FC storage device and Ethernet frames to the local network.

Enhanced Ethernet
Rather than regular Ethernet adapters, FCoE requires Enhanced Ethernet adapters on all nodes that support FCoE, and these adapters are called "converged network adapters" (CNAs). Regular Ethernet can lose packets under heavy congestion, but Enhanced Ethernet prevents packet loss by providing flow control. The FC to Ethernet conversion also takes place in the FCoE engine within the CNA. See Fibre Channel.

Typical FCoE Topology
Both IP traffic for the LAN and FC traffic for the SAN (storage network) ride over the same FCoE-based Ethernet port. Although a CNA may have two 10G Ethernet ports, they exist for redundancy, not to separate IP from FC traffic. Both the server and switch perform the FC to Ethernet and Ethernet to FC conversion in their respective CNAs.

The FCoE Frame
Each Fibre Channel (FC) frame is encapsulated within an FCoE frame, which becomes the payload of the Ethernet frame.
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That is allowing companies to start introducing concepts such as unified fabric within the first few metres of their data centre networks today, using FCoE with DCB at 10Gbps speeds to send both data and storage traffic to the first access switch it encounters.
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Data center migration to new solutions, however, such as blade servers, Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), 10-Gigabit Ethernet, virtualization and high-performance clusters (HPC) can put pressure on the physical layer to the point where even newly installed network cabling can become an aging liability to a business.
Nexus 5000 switching technology supports both high-speed 10 Gb Ethernet and Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) making sure that companies can easily configure a Unified Fabric ensuring efficient communication between the applications in their datacenters.
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