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So we considered it worthwhile to study the histopathological findings at the end of FDT for PB, smear negative and smear positive MB leprosy and compare it with the pre-treatment status.
Nine patients with subfoveal PCV underwent FDT alone and were followed for a mean of 23.
The government had imposed FDT on miners after it was found that the movement of iron ore in trucks was damaging the ecology.
La FDT de Azzouzi Abderrahmane s'est vu attribuer 509 sieges, soit 1,96%.
2) If the FDT is non-restrictive, the affected patient has either SR paresis or supranuclear MED and the Knapp procedure should be performed.
If FDT is positive, inferior rectus recession is carried out and most patients recover satisfactorily.
Dans une declaration a la MAP, le Secretaire general de la FDT, Abderrahmane Azzouzi, a indique que le manque de volonte politique pour donner corps aux engagements tenus par l'Executif, notamment ceux inherents aux dispositions de l'accord du dialogue social du 26 avril 2011, la tendance averee du gouvernement a faire litiere des revendications syndicales et l'application des ponctions sur les salaires des grevistes sont autant de facteurs qui ont sous-tendu la tenue de cette marche.
Efecto de la fibra soluble y treonina sobre los coeficientes de digestibilidad ileal (%) Piensos experimentales Almidon FDT BFS/BThr 89,1c 5,14 BFS/AThr 91,2b 5,22 AFS/BThr 92,6a 13,7 AFS/AThr 92,2ab 15,7 Almidon: [P.
Pre-operative FDT was performed on both eyes under general anaesthesia in all cases after which surgery was performed.
El mayor porcentaje de FDT y FDI se encontro en Astrocaryum mexicanum, valores que son diferentes estadisticamente a los que se obtuvieron en Chamaedorea tepejilote pero iguales estadisticamente a los encontrados en Chamaedorea sp y C.
All procedures were performed by two intensive care specialists, who had performed at least 50 tracheostomies of which at least 20 were using the FDT and 20 the PT.
Whatever the reasons for the relative absence of clinical applications of FDT, this article seeks to demonstrate the rich, practical usefulness of Fowler's work for counseling.