Federal Emergency Management Agency

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The following article is from Conspiracies and Secret Societies. It is a summary of a conspiracy theory, not a statement of fact.

Federal Emergency Management Agency

According to some conspiracy theorists, FEMA has a very nasty secret agenda.

Certain watchdogs of the freedoms of U.S. citizens see the Federal Emergency Management Agency as having a secret agenda very different from FEMA’s own portrayal of itself as rescuer and benefactor when disaster strikes.

Among the concerns of many serious-minded guardians of American’s freedoms and liberties is an executive order signed into existence by President George H. W. Bush in 1989. This document authorized FEMA to build forty-three primary camps, each of which would have the capacity of housing 35,000 to 45,000 people, and hundreds of secondary facilities, some of which could accommodate 100,000 individuals.

Have these camps been constructed in preparation for some great future cataclysm that will deprive millions of people of their homes and force them to take shelter in the barracks-style housing thoughtfully prepared for such an emergency by the benevolent FEMA? Or are the camps designed by the federal government to hold prisoners of the state? Rather than refugee camps, are they concentration camps constructed to isolate those citizens who dare to oppose a new political order in the United States?

There are executive orders that grant frightening powers to FEMA and actually permit the government agency to suspend the Constitution and all the rights and liberties of U.S. citizens, as those rights are now known. These orders are in the Federal Register located in Washington, D.C., where they can be examined by concerned citizens who may wish to judge for themselves the awesome potential control of FEMA over all Americans and over every aspect of American life.

Executive Order 12148 stipulates that FEMA is in charge during national security emergencies, such as national disasters, social unrest, insurrection, or a national financial crisis.

Executive Order 11051 empowers FEMA to put the following orders into effect in time of increased international or domestic tension:

Executive Order 10995 authorizes FEMA, if the agency deems it necessary to accomplish its goals, to seize all communications media in the United States.

Executive Order 10997 provides for the seizure of all electric power, petroleum, gas, fuels, and minerals, both public and private.

Executive Order 10998 allows the seizure of all food supplies and resources, public and private—and all farms, lands, and equipment.

Executive Order 10999 provides for the seizure of all means of transportation, including personal cars, trucks, or vehicles of any kind, and total control over all highways, seaports, and waterways.

Executive Order 11003 allows the government to take over all airports and aircraft—commercial, public, and private.

Executive Order 11005 provides for the seizure of all railroads, inland waterways, and public storage facilities.

Executive Order 11000 allows the government to seize all American people for federally supervised work forces. If the government deems it necessary, it may even split up families.

Executive Order 11002 empowers the postmaster general to conduct a national registration of all persons. Under this order all U.S. citizens must report to their local post office to be registered. It is at this juncture that families might be separated and individual members assigned to new areas.

Executive Order 11004 allows the Housing and Finance Authority to relocate entire communities and to designate areas to be abandoned and new locations to be repopulated.

Executive Order 11001 permits the government to seize all functions of health, education, and welfare.

All of the orders listed above were combined by President Richard Nixon into Executive Order 11490, which permits the government to take control if a national emergency should be declared by the president. Should citizens of the United States be growing a bit nervous when we consider all the “national emergencies” that are declared each year? Should we worry that FEMA might one day decide that it is time to exercise the extraordinary powers that have been granted to it?

After the summer of 2011, when the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protesters had established a presence in many cities, Oakland, California mayor Jean Quan called for a crackdown on the OWS protesters in her city in early November 2011. When word of Oakland’s action became known, conspiracists warned that the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA might well be preparing to begin the occupation of some of the dissident camps first established by FEMA in the 1960s and 1970s. At that time, according to those concerned with our freedoms, FEMA was alerted to detain as many as 20 million African Americans in anticipation of a black militant uprising in the United States, as well as those members of all ethnic groups who protested the Vietnam War.

Mayor Quan disclosed in an interview that she had been on a conference call with the mayors or civic leaders of 18 U.S. cities prior to the raids on the Oakland OWS protesters. Shortly after the Oakland police dispersed the encampment of OWS in that city, raids scattered OWS groups across the nation. With a number of civic leaders and government officials portraying the OWS as homegrown terrorists in the making, the likelihood that those protesting for any cause that the establishment deemed threatening might be packed off to detention camps seemed a real possibility.

When New York Representative Peter King, head of the House Homeland Security Subcommittee, expressed his concerns that the federal government had to be cautious concerning the OWS gaining any legitimacy with the general public, conspiracy researchers became worried. Especially, perhaps, when Rep. King said that he was old enough to recall what happened in the 1960s, when left-wing protesters took to the streets.

King warned that the government must be alert to this new movement being glorified by the media because it might attain enough public acceptance to actually shape policy. When other government officials vowed not to allow the OWS movement to gain power, conspiracists heard echoes of COINTELPRO, the FBI’s unconstitutional secret police who menaced protesters in the 1960s and 1970s.

The National Defense Authorization Act, which was passed by the Senate immediately after 9/11, allows all military branches to be used to quell civic disturbances and to round up political activists. In addition, regarding those active protesters who might lead troublesome demonstrations, the NDAA allows any American suspected of civil disobedience to be snatched off the streets and confined.

In 2006, KBR, a global engineering and services company that is a subsidiary of Halliburton, was contracted by Homeland Security to build detention camps that could hold large numbers of people. The ostensible reasons given for such camps was that they were to be used as places to hold an emergency influx of immigrants; they were also to be made available for unnamed “new government programs” that would need to house large numbers of people.

In 2008 troops returning from duty in Iraq were put on notice that they could be called to serve on homeland patrols to deal with crowd control. The Washington Post reported that as many as 20,000 U.S. military troops could be called to assist in squelching civil unrest and terror attacks set in motion in the event of complete economic collapse.

On December 31, 2011, President Barack Obama expressed his reservations about his signing into law the bill that Congress placed on his desk extending the powers of the NDAA. It would allow even a U.S. citizen detained on U.S. soil to be placed in military custody. In spite of such reservations, the president did sign the law.

Such a seemingly unconstitutional and dangerous act reinforced fears initially instigated by the revelation that in early December 2011 KBR was hiring subcontractors to staff and outfit “emergency environment” camps in five regions in the United States. It seems to conspiracy theorists that the risk of protesters being thrown into FEMA camps is now a grim reality.

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