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As validacoes foram efetuadas a partir da analise de tendencia por t-Student, e da precisao a partir do Erro Medio Quadratico (EMQ), conforme metodologia proposta por FGDC (1998), MINNESOTA PLANNING (1999) e DSG (2016b).
The geospatial data community typically uses FGDC or ISO, but because FGDC is a legacy standard that is slowly being phased out, we decided that ISO made more sense for long term preservation.
Geometric conflation is usually characterized by using a traditional accuracy metric, the RSME described by FGDC (1988) in their National Standard for Spatial Accuracy (NSSDA).
Brooks serves as the chair of the Technical User's Group for MCCRSGIS and is part of the advisory body for the FGDC. This experience, among many, has helped him gain a global reputation as an expert in spatial technologies and their implementation within government.
Many major IT ministry projects would have gained from FGDC's successful operation.
Botswana which had sort from the onset to emulate the FGDC SDI model, but seems to have deviated greatly from it can use the above evaluations to get back on track.
The Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata (GEO) was developed jointly by the FGDC and the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM).
El estandar seleccionado fue el "Federal Geographic Data Committee" (FGDC), especifico para datos geograficos y que ofrece una base solida en contenido y estilo.
Geological Survey and Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) have announced the availability of $1.3 million in grant funding for innovative projects for sharing geospatial information technologies (GIS).
Working with USGS to obtain and integrate data from state and local governments, the private sector to acquire commercial datasets, and the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) to develop homeland geospatial standards and other support, NGA began to consolidate HSIP data so that it could be shared with agencies during security events.
Government agencies or private vendors usually do not provide Federal Geographic Data Committee--compliant (FGDC; http://www.fgdc.gov) metadata (van Loenen & Onsrud, 2004).