Freddie Mac

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Freddie Mac:

see Federal Home Loan Mortgage CorporationFederal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation,
commonly known as Freddie Mac,
government-sponsored enterprise that uses private capital to buy home mortgages as a means to help lower housing costs.
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"Urban alleges that FHLMC agreed to a term in a contract that it knew could not be performed - either because it falsely asserted a conflict of interest that prohibited it from complying with Paragraph 17c.
The price indexes measured by First American, FHLMC and FHFA, however, are not as susceptible to foreclosure and distress sale data and therefore look far more positive.
Mortgages insured by FNMA or FHLMC represent a middle ground with yields slightly higher than on GNMAs, but lower than on privately insured mortgages.
The portfolio was managed actively with a threefold goal: 1) to increase over time the percentage of securities backed by either Illinois SBA loans or Illinois FHLMC loans, 2) to increase over time the percentage of SBA securities in the portfolio, and 3) to offer yield enhancement and an element of diversification to the operating fund portfolio of the State of Illinois.
The resulting positive differential between the cash flow from the assets collateralizing the CMO bonds (the GNMA, FNMA, or FHLMC mortgage certificates) and the principal and interest payments on the collateralized bonds became known as a CMO residual or CMO excess cash flow.
The secondary market for mortgage loans has been one of the fastest-growing markets in the past two decades and many of these mortgages are securitized by the Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA), the Government National Mortgage Association (GNMA) and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (FHLMC).
Introductory discount.--The Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (FHLMC) surveyed adjustable rate mortgages made during the first half of 1983 by a randomly selected sample of savings and loan associations and found that about one-third of these mortgages carried discounts.
CMG Financial currently operates in all states, including District of Columbia, and holds federal agency lending approvals with HUD, VA, RHS, GNMA, FNMA and FHLMC. Throughout the mortgage banking and housing markets, CMG Financial is widely known for responsible lending practices, industry and consumer advocacy, product innovation, and operational efficiency.
CHANGE IN FNMA OR FHLMC LINKAGE: Should Fitch's view of the U.S.
On November 25, 2008, the Federal Reserve announced that it would purchase up to $100 billion of debt issued by the Federal Home Loan Banks, FNMA, and FHLMC, plus up to $500 billion of mortgage-backed securities (MBS) backed by FNMA, FHLMC, and GNMA with the stated purpose to "reduce the cost and increase the availability of credit for the purchase of houses." (9) Purchases began in January 2009.