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Therefore, the objective of this study was to describe the last place of medical and dental service used among individuals with PHP and to investigate the effects of being registered in primary healthcare through the FHS.
Among the strains, Cobb seemed significantly the most uniform on FHS and Hubbard looked significantly (P<0.05) the least uniform especially when it was reared on gas brooders.
In this article, we aimed to assess the role of cross-sectional imaging modalities in the diagnosis of FHS with a special emphasis in patients with known malignancies and a history of chemotherapy.
Ausgehend von der Nachhaltigkeitsforschung an FHs will ich der Frage nachgehen, welche Rolle die FHs (zu denen in manchen Landern auch die Padagogischen und Kunsthochschulen gehoren) heute in Lehre und Forschung sowie bei der Umsetzung von Wissen spielen und welches Potenzial sie im Hinblick auf die steigenden Hochschulquoten haben.
The post of Dean in the FHS is unlike others in the University.
The excellent rating, which we have received, is evidence that our efforts are bearing fruit and that our customers enjoy a high level of quality at our branches," said Ayman Al Khatib, General Manager of FHS.
And notably, the Airbus FHS, powered by Skywise, provides the highest reliability for operators of the A350.
The decision to initiate inquiry against the officials of the FHS and the provincial land and revenue departments was taken at a meeting of NAB's executive board that was chaired by its chairman retired Justice Javed Iqbal.
Primary Health Care (PHC) in Brazil is mainly represented by the FHS. The FHS is composed of a multiprofessional team committed to actions of health promotion, prevention, diagnosis of disease and health rehabilitation of the population attached to its territory.
The main contribution is to dynamically change the HMR parameter using type 1 (FHS), interval type 2 (IT2FHS), and generalized type 2 (GT2FHS) fuzzy systems as the number of iterations advances and with this to achieve more diversity of solutions.
A ceremony to launch the World Health Organization (WHO) Knowledge Hub for Waterpipe Research was held at AUB's West Hall in Bathish Auditorium during the "Third International Conference on Waterpipe Tobacco Smoking Research," which was organized by AUB's Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) in collaboration with the Syrian Center for Smoking Research, and supported by the National Institute of Drug Abuse in the United States.
The facility also houses a major regional inventory of spare parts for Airbus single-aisle and wide-body aircraft for airlines that have selected the Airbus Flight Hour Services (FHS) total support package for their fleets.