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field impact insulation class (FIIC)

A single-number rating of the insulation against impacts, provided by a floor (and associated structures) derived from field impact sound measurements in accordance with ASTM Test Method E989.
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Presentations by besides the FIIC will explicitly demonstrate its frameworks and benefits of collaborating with them and utilising their expertise and experience in the field of international projects development.
Investor protection is also a form of insurance, but this time the cost of the insurance is paid by corporations themselves through contributions to an investor-compensation fund administered by the FIIC. Of course, anything that is funded by a corporation is ultimately funded by its investors, and so it makes sense to ask whether investors would want to buy this form of anti-fraud insurance.
The Finnish Industrial Investment Company (FIIC), a government-owned fund investing in private venture-capital firms, was established for this purpose in February 1995, partially financed from the proceeds of the privatisation programme for allocating "soft" loans to the SMEs.
) RIYADH ndash Prime Minister Imran Khan will give 10,000 abducted journalists in aid to Saudi Arabia as part of the Future Investment Initiative Conference (FIIC) in Riyadh, Radio Pakistan reported.
The seminar titled the 'International Trade Finance for Sustainable Economic Development,' in strategic partnership with Deutsche Bank, Standard Chartered, FIIC and Pinsent Masons, will be held on January 26 in Dubai.
It is another matter that the Future Investment Initiative Conference (FIIC) is the brainchild of ambitious but highly controversial heir apparent to the Saudi throne prince Mohammad bin Salman (more popularly known as MBS).
Meetings to be held withKing Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan will travel to Saudi Arabia to participate in the Future Investment Initiative Conference (FIIC), according to a Foreign Office (FO) statement released on Friday.