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FLI is not just a competition, but a serious career option helping many Indian youngsters make money every season.
To ensure growth in the residential sales business, FLI said it will continue to launch projects that address the needs of its core market which are the first time home buyers and ultimate end-users.
From the left are Francois Brand (Manager of the FLI Secretariat), Maria Mvula (Junior Trainer, Gondwana), Silke Ahrens (Training Coordinator, Gondwana), Riturumikua Hei (Action Group Head of Media, FLI), Olivia Amathila (Action Group Training Coordinator, FLI), and Hilma Amutenya (Human Resources Manager, Gondwana)
The FLI would also help promote financial skills and knowledge of common citizens, and to sustain the plan for the broader financial addition in societies.
Michael Flynn, chief executive and founder of FLI Environmental, said: "We expect to build 10 such plants in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland over the next decade as we believe that this is the cleanest and most environmentally sustainable solution to processing residual solid municipal waste.
The forthcoming John Waters comedy "Pecker" will be the first pic to be handled by FLI.
From the start, the objectives of the FLI Center were to promote foreign language proficiency and cultural awareness," says chairperson Linda Wallinger, a French teacher.
In addition to 7% restartable credits, FLI Plus offers annual automatic and client-elected step-ups and the opportunity to withdraw up to 6% for life.
It is also important to stress that what sets FLI apart from other affordable housing projects is its variety of fine amenities.
FLI reported strong demand for its residential offerings: the Futura Homes affordable housing projects, medium-rise buildings that carry the 'Oasis' and 'Spatial' brands and the Studio Series high-rise buildings.
The company attributes this increase to the continued strong demand for its BPO office space as well as the growth in revenues recognized from its residential sales business," FLI said.
The MOU is a joint co-operation to deliver financial education, through a FLI Financial Wellness Workplace Programme to employees of Gondwana Collection Namibia.