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based law firm to participate in FLI NET, and especially look forward to helping FLI NET expand its energy focus," said J.
The FLI for each year is obtained by summing up the calculated values of all 13 policy measure components for the respective year.
The FLI would also help promote financial skills and knowledge of common citizens, and to sustain the plan for the broader financial addition in societies.
While FLI Plus and Automatic Income Builder do not guarantee a return or growth rate, they do guarantee the percentage that may be withdrawn regardless of the annuity's actual value--even if it's zero.
The FLI is also aimed at promoting financial skills and knowledge of the common citizens as well as support the agenda for the broader financial inclusion in societies.
The remainder will be used to help provide scholarships to FLI alumni who enroll in community- and four-year colleges.
The basic goal of the FLI - Campus Outreach Programme is to enhance youngsters understanding of financial products and concepts, their ability and confidence to appreciate financial risks and opportunities to make informed choices, to know where to go for help, and to prepare today's youth for better understanding of the economic/financial affairs affecting them.
Our objective at FLI is to assist our clients and improve their operational efficiencies.
The kit currently used in DSIB is not FLI approved and AFBI will have to purchase a suitable kit so that they are in a position to fulfil their commitments under the programmes.
Campus Outreach Programme: FLI is neither intended to promote or publicize any particular type of investment or product, nor is it aimed to endorse any specific kind of financial institution or market.
The overall objective of the FLI is to promote the financial skills and the knowledge of the common citizens, and to support the agenda for the broader financial inclusion in societies.