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FLI now operates 29 office buildings totaling 510,000 square meters (sq m) of gross leasable area.
FLI and MEG are down 22.4 percent and 26.7 percent from their peak prices, respectively.
In a report, Philippine Rating Services Corporation said FLI is also targeting to achieve a 50-50 income mix from the real estate sales segment and leasing segment by 2021.
By forming FLI we aim to increase female leadership presence in the Middle East and Africa.
Under the joint venture with the BCDA, FLI will transform the 288-hectare area into a green city.
In its recently released report, FLI has claimed to have evolved orthography of Ormuri language spoken in Kaniguram, South Waziristan tribal district.
Effectively immediately, the bill removes the one-week waiting period preceding FLI benefits, enacts anti-retaliatory measures, and expands eligibility to include siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, parents-in-law and the equivalent of a family member.
The inclusion criteria for enrolling patients were as follows: >20 years of age, belonging to both sexes, having ultrasound-proven fatty liver, FLI of [greater than or equal to]60, and mild to moderate persistent elevation of alanine transaminase (ALT), that is, not greater than four times the upper limit of 42 IU/L (10).
New Delhi [India], Dec 28 ( ANI ): India's biggest fitness reality event Fitness League of India (FLI) has raised first round of funding worth USD 500k with Asia's largest integrated franchise and retail solution company, Franchise India, along with other investors.
However, the ability of the FLI and LAP to predict metabolic syndrome in subjects without fatty liver disease, a group of people with cardiovascular risk as well, has not been clarified.
The workshop was part of a project FLI has initiated to document four endangered languages in Chitral and Swat so as to preserve them from elimination with financial assistance from USAIDs Small Grants and Ambassadors Fund Program (SGAFP-USAID).
Details: PlaneWave Instruments CDK700 corrected Dall-Kirkham telescope with FLI ProLine PL16803 CCD camera.