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The term fob originated in the late 1800s and refers to an ornament on a pocket-watch chain. Today a fob refers to a variety of small electronic devices, including USB drives, authentication tokens, remote car starters and garage door openers. See USB drive, USB dongle and authentication token.

The Keyless Entry Fob
For years, opening car doors with the fob has been standard equipment.


Abbr. for “free on board.”
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He further said that since October, 2017, 20 FOBs have been constructed over the entire Mumbai suburban section.
Of the three, the FOB at the Ambivli railway station has been successfully completed.
Many FOBs had a sewage system in place, power lines buried in the ground, roads paved with asphalt, a number of concrete pads poured, and hard standing buildings.
The FOB Spin Boldak TCF closure presented our team with a unique set of challenges.
Military Academy, I used a problem-solving methodology to attack FOB closure, truncating the design process taught at West Point to three distinct phases--problem definition, solution design, and execution.
When my brother-in-law went out to put something in the car he couldn't unlock the car with his fob.
At an earlier review, the trust had argued that the FOBS case was only of academic interest, that the patients' group did not have a proper standing to be able to make the case, and that the application had been made "out of time".
All RKE-based systems require key fobs to support RF links which fall into Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) frequency bands (i.
Getting called a FOB ("fresh off the boat") used to be the ultimate put-down for Asian Americans.
The new regulatory approval pathway for FOBs attempts to do for biological pharmaceutical products what the Hatch-Waxman Act did for small-molecule drugs, by providing an abbreviated regulatory approval pathway that will speed the delivery of more affordable biologic drugs to the market.
At least 12 such FOBs and overhead water pipelines need repairs because the BMC hasn t paid the requisite Rs 1.
While it was certainly comforting to have all of that mine-detection equipment and expertise out in front of me, this was negated by the fact that we had to clear the road all the way to the outpost west of us before heading east to FOB Leopard, effectively tripling the distance and the time we would be exposed to attack.