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(Fiber-Optic Cable Intermatability Standard) Specifications for cable connectors from the TIA that define the requirements for interconnection between fiber-optic plugs and sockets. Following are some of the common FOCIS standards.

     FOCIS-1   See  SMA connector.

     FOCIS-2   See  ST connector.

     FOCIS-3   See  SC connector.

     FOCIS-4   See  FC connector.

     FOCIS-6   See  Fiber Jack.
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2) The fascinating story of FOCIS is documented by Helen M.
What did not go away for FOCIS members and their husbands was the tireless commitment to breathe hope and life into the people of Appalachia and other regions that commanded their attention.
These abstracts of the fifteen chapters, sometimes three or four paragraphs long, can be perused easily in a short sitting and might suffice for those readers that want the basic story of Glenmary's evolving into FOCIS.
Xlight MPO-MPO Tray allows installers to work with MPO cords, FOCIS 5D standard compliant comprising 12 fibers, is fully compatible with 40G and 100G IEEE 802.