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Due to recent market consolidation, Kona S needed a proven, independent FOTA solution for integration into this new DM offering for the AVN use case.
FOTA technology from Zeeis can help device manufacturers provide better services to their customers.
Red Bull Racing can confirm it has served notice to withdraw from FOTA," the statement read.
FOTA claims that modern Formula One is and must continue to be all about efficiency - and, whilst Formula One cars are and must continue to be very fast and very exciting, it is also necessary and desirable that their engines and powertrains are and must continue to be as efficient as possible.
Behind the scenes, it is understood the eight member teams of FOTA are refusing to sign a new Concorde Agreement - the confidential document that governs the commercial side of the sport - unless they have cast-iron assurances Mosley will not stand again for the presidency.
FOTA countered that the cap measures would create a tiered league.
Formula One needs fresh air, ideas, improvement, and we will work together to achieve this goal," insisted Ferrari president and FOTA chairman Luca di Montezemolo.
We've had significant help from the FOTA teams, and the objective is to get back to early 1990s levels within two years.
And although he tried to save face by claiming victory on key issues, FOTA have won the changes they demanded.
In a statement which pointed accusing fingers at the FIA and F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone, the FOTA eight made it clear they will not sign up unconditionally for next season.
That is now growing increasingly unlikely after motor sport's world governing body issued another damning statement against FOTA.
Existing Red Bend vCurrent Mobile customers can upgrade to vRapid Mobile FOTA version 6 for no additional fee.