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FPT has direct presence in more than 15 countries and extensive network partnerships covering any location in the Americas and Europe, with expansion plans to extend capabilities to Asia.
In the first six months of 2017, FPT Retail delivered revenue of VND 6,193bn, up 31% year over year, and profit before tax of VND 141bn, up 44% year over year.
We are excited about the opportunity to partner with FPT and see tremendous benefit in ABDIG's acquisition and comprehensive offering heritage of technological innovation," said Auedd.
With a large production range -- six engine families with a power output from 31 to 1,000hp and gear-boxes with torque ranges from 300 to 500Nm -- and with a huge focus on R&D activities, FPT Industrial is one of the biggest players in the industrial engine sector worldwide.
Apart from introducing the parameter itself, this article provides a number of new FPT algorithms parameterized by twin-cover with a special emphasis on solving problems which are not in FPT even when parameterized by tree-width.
k] x [absolute value of V][absolute value of E]) FPT algorithm, since for each fixed S [intersection] X we run through at most [absolute value of V] possibilities for various S [intersection] Z.
In order to make the FPT Criteria more objective and to ensure succession planning and diversity of the knowledge/experience base of the management, following changes have been made, a statement of the Central Bank issued on Friday said.
Rexroth filter technology is able to aid the FPT service team with components that successfully built the filtration trolley.
For example, FPT cannot begin until all equipment and systems are verified to start up and function properly during pre-functional testing.
TSE: 6501 / "Hitachi") today announced that the major Vietnam-based IT company FPT Software Co.
In this study, we investigated the relationship of APT and FPT made with food with SCORAD index assessing the disease severity.
com)-- FPT Corporation (VNINDEX: FPT) today announced that the 2013 Nikkei Asia Prize by Nikkei Inc, the leading media corporation in Japan was awarded to Dr.