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Another of Yang's ingenious ideas was the "froglet apartment," where the half-water, half-land environment allows baby frogs to adapt to their post-metamorphosis lives more easily.
'Alright,' said the frog, and he swam over to pick up his passenger.
Frogs in El Cope, Panama seem to have developed resistance to a deadly fungus that has been decimating amphibian communities worldwide for more than two decades.
City frogs and rainforest frogs don't sing the same tune, researchers have found.
The carrier of the deadly virus, Aedes aegypti, is multiplying by the millions, while scientists and local communities, racing against time, wanted to turn back to frogs for help after the man-made medicine is failing.
Pro Randall Tharp of Florida points to the continued evolution of frog fishing, citing recent advances in lures, rods, reels, and line, and how they make us more effective than ever.
However, if your frog's legs drag too much in open water, this may impede the walking motion.
Further trials show that the first of these leads to further moves that eventually require a frog to move in the wrong direction, which cannot be associated with a minimum number of moves.
As often seen, these frogs too are living precariously in highly- threatened habitats.
How, when, and where to perform visual displays: the case of the Amazonian frog Hyla parviceps.
We continued our preflight inspection and my instructor noticed another frog between the engine heat shield and air-transfer tube.