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Formal Semantics Language.

A language for compiler writing.

["A Formal Semantics for Computer Languages and its Application in a Compiler-Compiler", J.A. Feldman, CACM 9(1) (Jan 1966)].

[Sammet 1969, p. 641].
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Once stitching and assembly is complete on your FSL designs and the quilt top, simply add the lace.
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Citizen Energy III LLC, Tulsa; Garrison 1H-29-32 (HRZ); SHL nw ne nw 29-12n-10w, 250' fnl & 1490' fwl; DHL sw se sw 32-12n-10w, 165' fsl & 1450' fwl; TD 24080' TVD 13900' Miss'n
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submission or exhibits to FSL or delay by the forensic experts in conducting
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