free space optics

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free space optics

A high-speed optical wireless communication system that transmits light pulses through the air using infrared lasers. Requiring line of site, free space optics (FSO) provides point-to-point and point-to-multipoint transmission without requiring a government license for use of the spectrum.

Because weather conditions such as fog can reflect light signals, redundant paths can be created by sending multiple signals to reflectors on different buildings. Transmitters with multiple beams are also used to provide greater reliability.

In time, free space optics is expected to be used for short distances within high-speed buses in computers and switches, perhaps even within the chip itself. See visible light communication.

Multi-Beam FSO Transceiver
This FlightSpectrum unit transmits 1.25 Gbps up to 3,000 meters and sends multiple beams for greater reliability. Approximately 1x1x2 feet in size, it connects to single mode and multimode fiber. (Image courtesy of Lightpointe,
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In relation fog, rain, and haze are atmospheric attenuation it's important to be taken into account of FSO system.
At the aperture plane of the receiver, the received FSO signal is modeled as
The ongoing research for overcoming the problem of signal fading due to environmental interference can generate new opportunities for the FSO market such as affordable extension in existing fiber network, increasing number of space research programs, and replacement of old technologies with FSO technology for enterprise connectivity.
The highest average daily gain was recorded for lambs fed FSO, while the lowest average daily gain was recorded with lambs fed SFO and CON with no significant (p<0.
In her separate judgment, Ms Justice Mary Finlay Geoghegan said the case should not be remitted back to the High Court as it hadn't been established the FSO was in serious error.
This year, Samsung re-joins FSO 2015 as Official Technology Partner, and launches its latest Samsung Galaxy S6 4G+ and Galaxy S6 edge 4G+ in tandem with the fashion event of the year.
The outcomes of control measures can be applied to evaluate the efficacy of the processes by establishing a performance objective that would preferably be less than, but at least equal to, the FSO.
Another expected benefit of the creation of the FSO Office would be an increased confidence in banking institutions as clients will be assured of the protection of their rights by the FSO when dealing with financial service providers.
KNOT FSO 1 AS, a wholly owned subsidiary of Knutsen NYK Offshore Tankers AS (KNOT; headquarters: Haugesund, Norway), of which NYK has a 50 percent share, has signed a time-charter contract with Total E and P Norge AS (headquarters: Stavanger, Norway) for a floating, storage, and offloading unit (FSO).
The volume discusses transceiver design, point-to-point FSO systems, Mesh-FSO systems, integration with public networks, FSO network security, and specialized applications.
Recognizing that CoISTs should play a role in FSO, 3/82 ABN elected to use a modified CoIST concept with CO command posts (CPs) serving this critical requirement among all of its other requirements.