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The FSS said the app will be introduced to all financial customers after complementing its possible shortcomings.
FSS started out in 1985 by fulfilling a customer's request to match and produce a unique pizza sauce.
FSS is making significant investments in artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive its next phase of growth, by adding business value to its customers across a wide range of applications including Digital Banking, Payment Analytics, Digital Security, Reconciliation, ATM Monitoring and Data Centre Operations.
In this paper, a flexible fully textile-integrated bandstop FSS is designed.
Suresh Rajagopalan, president - products business, FSS, said: "We are excited about the launch of FSS Instant Payments.
Lab-Tek II chamber slides (8 x 0.7 [cm.sup.2] culture area) from Thermo Fisher Scientific (Rochester, NY, USA) and FSS (13 mm diameter) were used for culturing cells of each donor pair (n = 30; fifteen pairs).
The FSS laboratories continued to provide services to their local police forces but specialist expertise was developed in particular laboratories and so a comprehensive national service was now available.
In [10, 11], the AMC was mounted around the radiation source and FSS superstrate can easily fabricate.
465) According to Becker (1975), FSs "give us ready-made framework on which to hang the expression of our ideas, so that we do not have to go through the labor of generating an utterance all the way out from every time we want to say anything" (p.
Nevertheless, in favour of the satellite industry, the conference decided that C-, Ku-and Ka-bands currently allocated to FSS, mobile satellite services (MSS) and broadcast satellite services (BSS) should not be considered in the studies.
Costamagna has sole voting power over 1,576,043 shares of FSS common stock, representing approximately 8.7% of outstanding shares and he intends to vote AGAINST the merger at the FSS stockholder meeting scheduled for 31 May 2016.
The agreement with Montran is intended to enable FSS to provide customised solutions to address the Wholesale Payments needs of the Indian banking industry.