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field sound transmission class (FSTC)

A single-number rating of the sound insulation (provided by a partition), as measured in buildings in accordance with an appropriate standard.
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EASA is a globally recognized organization and with this approval, FSTC will even look to target the International airlines and pilots wanting to undergo their training on such simulator type.
Captain Dilawar Singh Basraon Co-founder and accountable manager of FSTC said, we have team of professional trainers who will share excellent training and experience to every aspired young pilots.
As part of the MoU, the first project to be introduced in Abu Dhabi will be the expansion of the Khalifa University Discovery Center by introducing the Muslim Heritage Science and Engineering Interactive exhibition based on the '1001 Inventions', which was developed by FSTC. This new exhibition will showcase the scientific achievements of Muslim civilisation from the seventh century to the present day.FSTC, a British-based academic organisation, produced the hugely successful '1001 Inventions' exhibition, attracting more than one million visitors across Europe and the USA.
El estudio FSTC, que analiza el mercado de los Estados Unidos, se lanzo en abril de 2008 inicialmente para estudiar el escenario de pagos moviles.
The World Series of Snooker, organised by Stirling-based FSTC Sports Management, is being broadcast by Eurosport.
The initiative is the brainchild of the Financial Services Technology Consortium (FSTC), which comprises banks, financial services firms, universities, government agencies, national laboratories, and industry partners.
One attempt to decrease the use of screen scraping in data aggregation is being headed by the Financial Services Technology Consortium (FSTC).
Its members include banks, financial service providers, research laboratories, universities, and governmental agencies (FSTC, 1999).
Sponsors: Organized under the auspices of the Cross-Industry Working Team (XIWT), the Financial Services Technology Consortium (FSTC) and CommerceNet.
With the Financial Services Technology Corporation (FSTC) system, you would use a secure card in your desktop computer, which will generate a digitally signed payment instruction to your bank, just like a check, and send it to an Internet merchant.