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(1) See also FTTP.

(2) (Foil Twisted Pair) See twisted pair.

(3) (File Transfer Protocol) A protocol used to transfer files over an IP network. For example, after developing the HTML pages for a website on a local machine, they are typically uploaded to the Web server using FTP.

FTP includes functions to log in to the network, list directories and copy files. It can also convert between the ASCII and EBCDIC character codes. FTP operations can be performed by typing commands at a command prompt or via an FTP utility running under a graphical interface such as Windows. FTP transfers can also be initiated from within a Web browser by entering the URL preceded with ftp://.

FTP vs. Email
Email was designed for ASCII text only. In order to include other file types such as images and programs in an email message, they have to be converted to a full binary format and "attached" to the message. FTP was designed to handle binary files intact.

When you download a Web page, the HTTP protocol is used. HTTP and FTP operate in a similar manner for file transfer, and both support binary files.

Also a Verb
The term is also used as a verb; for example, "let's FTP the file." See FTP commands, anonymous FTP and TFTP. See also FTTP.

FTP Utility
Ipswitch's WS_FTP Pro makes FTP'ing easy under Windows. After logging in and switching to the appropriate folders on the local and remote systems, transferring files requires only highlighting, dragging and dropping.
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Comelec earlier said the bottleneck was caused by the deluge of data from the transparency server, which the FTP could simply not handle efficiently.
Comparatively, nurses age 50-59 and over 60 yielded FTP scores of M=46.02 and M=42.67 respectively.
Only around a quarter of complaints get as far as an FTP hearing.
The authors aimed to investigate whether a short online module focused on defining and using examples of FTP issues, stress management and the benefits of obtaining confidential support would alter the perceptions of obtaining help for FTP issues.
There is also available a free version - Viper FTP Lite.
'Against India we will be playing only one Test in Bengaluru as per earlier FTP. The new FTP is from 2019 to March 2022,' he added.
The FTP for 2019-2023 may have already been agreed upon by the ICC full members, but the document that binds the Test-playing nations to adhere to the programme will be submitted to the ICC at its quarterly board meeting here on April 25-26.
'As a trade-off for this [tour of Pakistan in April], we have their agreement to play regular T20 games in USA or Canada, outside of the FTP, to try and build interest in cricket in our time zone,' said Grave.
The new FTP issued late last year had more Test matches allocated to Bangladesh (35), Sri Lanka (29) and West Indies (29) than to Pakistan (28).
"Asia Cup is a part of the FTP. Irrespective of the names of the teams, the tournament has already factored in.
'The PCB, like other cricket boards is not allowed by the ICC to make any comments about the FTP in public, but to defuse the propaganda we were forced to inform the media about the real facts unofficially,' added the PCB chairman.