FTP commands

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FTP commands

Following are some of the common FTP commands for transferring files:

Log in

 ftp domain_name

 Example:  ftp ftp.mycompany.com

 Log out

 quit, bye

 Change Between ASCII and Binary Mode

 bin     binary transfer
 asc     ASCII transfer (default)

 Transfer Remote to Local

  get    retrieve single file
 mget    retrieve multiple files

     for example:
     get image001.gif
    mget *.gif

 Transfer Local to Remote

  put    send single file
 mput    send multiple files

     for example:
     put image001.gif
    mput *.gif

 Note: when transferring multiple files,
  start ftp with -i switch, to eliminate
  prompts for each file:

         ftp -i domain_name

 List Files

 ls     list files (simple)
 dir    list files (details)

 Create/Switch Remote Directories

 cd     change directory

     for example:
     cd folderxyz

 cd ..  go back one directory level

 mkdir  make new directory

     for example:
     mkdir folderxyz

 rmdir  remove directory

     for example:
     rmdir folderx

 pwd    print working directory
         (where am I?)

 Switch Local Directories

 lcd    change local directory

     for example:
     lcd \workdir

 lcd    (back to starting point)

  Using lcd by itself takes you
  back to the local directory
  you started from.
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