file transfer protocol

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file transfer protocol

[′fīl ¦tranz·fər ‚prōd·ə·kȯl]
(computer science)
A set of standards that allows the user of any computer on the Internet to receive files from another computer, or to transmit files to another computer, after the user has specified a name and password for the other computer. Abbreviated FTP.
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File Transfer Protocol

(FTP) A client-server protocol which allows a user on one computer to transfer files to and from another computer over a TCP/IP network. Also the client program the user executes to transfer files. It is defined in STD 9, RFC 959.

See also anonymous FTP, FSP, TFTP.

Unix manual page: ftp(1).
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file transfer protocol

A communications protocol used to transmit files without loss of data. A file transfer protocol can handle all types of files including binary files and ASCII text files. See Kermit, Zmodem and FTP.
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Users now have the option to save backup archives to their .Mac iDisk, as well as to local, external, and networked hard drives, CDs/DVDs, and FTP servers. ArchiveAssistant's logs can now be viewed via the Mac OS X Console application, and users can even choose to be notified via email when a backup task is successfully executed.
Another widely used Internet service is file transfer protocol (FTP), a file transfer service using remote servers as a storage medium.(25) Although FTP server sysops control access by requiring visitors to supply a user name and password combination, many servers allow the visitor to log on "anonymously." The typical anonymous login procedure allows the visitor to use "anonymous" or "guest" as a user name and an e-mail address as a password.
Transfer files between their Personal Computers and/or FTP servers, access and manage remote files, view/edit remote files, text, PDF and any other file format, play video and music.
The program is designed to work with almost any type of storage media, including CD-R/CD-RW, remote FTP servers, local network drives, ZIP, JAZ, MO, HDD and floppy disks.
Serv-U's domain based FTP servers allow customizable domains on a single FTP server.
Daily updates will also be offered via PIPEX's secure FTP servers. The PIPEX deal is Symantec's first with a European ISP and follows similar agreements with Inktomi and FamilyClick in the US.
The new version 2.0 release adds several improvements, such as encrypted link access via SSL, encrypted files, which are accessed transparently and encrypted using military strength security via AES, metadata caching to improve performance, and file name transcription, which improves compatibility with certain types of FTP servers.
The two key aspects of the new service are Security Management, comprising data back-up and automated security patches and upgrades, and a complete Systems Management service incorporating configuration of Mail Servers, Web Servers and FTP Servers along with complete DNS management.
FTP Today began with the goal of creating a flexible solution to replace traditional FTP servers, which don't give organizations the ability for users to access folders outside of their home directory, without authorizing them to access the entire FTP server.
It has to be mentioned an advanced algorithm of FTP connection supporting much more FTP servers than before, as well as some minor fixes and improvements, such as better representation of localization symbols and an optimized data compression technique.”
Containing pornographic material, the new virus infects a computer without needing an executable attachment, patching the computer and downloading replacement system files from ftp servers, without the user noticing anything.
“Many users of Handy Backup choose FTP servers from a great variety of available backup destinations as one of the most reliable ways of keeping their data safe.