file transfer protocol

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file transfer protocol

[′fīl ¦tranz·fər ‚prōd·ə·kȯl]
(computer science)
A set of standards that allows the user of any computer on the Internet to receive files from another computer, or to transmit files to another computer, after the user has specified a name and password for the other computer. Abbreviated FTP.

File Transfer Protocol

(FTP) A client-server protocol which allows a user on one computer to transfer files to and from another computer over a TCP/IP network. Also the client program the user executes to transfer files. It is defined in STD 9, RFC 959.

See also anonymous FTP, FSP, TFTP.

Unix manual page: ftp(1).

file transfer protocol

A communications protocol used to transmit files without loss of data. A file transfer protocol can handle all types of files including binary files and ASCII text files. See Kermit, Zmodem and FTP.
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We received thousands of requests to release an affordable, personal FTP server, with the same great ease of use as CuteFTP.
Covalent FTP does not carry the same added complexities and vulnerabilities of traditional FTP servers or SSL tunneling implementations.
This is a solution with superior performance compared to FTP processes started from "inetd" or FTP servers that spawn a process for each incoming request.
Enterprise file transfer systems demand additional requirements that extend beyond traditional FTP server capabilities.
The new version has been enhanced to better serve FTP server administrators with a new tool that improves resource management and performance tracking to save administrators both time and money, and new administration features that appeal to new users by making the installation process quick and easy.
1 provides administrators a thorough analysis of FTP server traffic to assist in identifying patterns and improve FTP resource management, which saves time by cutting down on manual log reviews.
Also, they can view performance analysis for each FTP server, measuring the average rate of transfer and the total number of uploads and downloads within a user-defined time frame.
Some FTP servers have limited security and are designed for anonymous usage only.
Its product family includes WS_FTP Pro, the world's most popular FTP client; WS_FTP Server, the first industrial-strength, full-featured FTP server for Windows NT/2000; WhatsUp Gold, a leading network management tool; IMail Server, an Internet messaging server for small to medium-size companies and ISPs; and WS_Ping ProPack, a utility suite for the Internet and intranets - all designed for today's mission-critical business communications.
Two new features, the TN3270e Server and the FTP Server, are now being offered with the 7790.
The FTP Server feature further allows the transfer of large files to and from the mainframe.
Auspex servers have enabled us to install a resilient, adaptive and powerful architecture for the essential services we supply to our customers: web and FTP servers, email and authentication,' said Pol Watine, director of marketing and development at Easynet France.