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(Fiber To The X) All possible optical fiber topologies from a telecom or cable carrier to its customers, based on the location of the fiber's termination point.

FTTC and FTTN (curb and neighborhood) are similar because the fiber ends outside the building. FTTH and FTTP (home and premises) are synonymous, and FTTE (enclosure) refers to a junction box on a floor or in a department in a large building. For more details, see FTTC, FTTN, FTTP and FTTE.

Acronym    Fiber To The: FTTC       Curb
      FTTN       Neighborhood/Node

     FTTH       Home
      FTTP       Premises

      FTTE       telecom Enclosure
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Slideshow contents include: FTTx technologies; The PON market in 213; Top 5 PON vendors in the PON market in 2013 and FTTH/B deployment prospects.
China maintains its momentum of FTTx construction that was initiated in 2010.
With >25 percent CAGR by 2016, FTTx represents the fast growing broadband technology(1)
Huawei highlighted that its SingleFAN solutions simplify network architecture for FTTX deployment in the Middle East, together with fiber management tools to locate fault systems effectively.
IDATE has been monitoring the development of Ultra-Broadband since the beginning, notably through an annual watch service designed to provide users with data on FTTx markets and rollouts around the globe, along with comprehensive analysis of what is at stake in this growing market: (1) Database: a unique market database that is updated constantly, segmented by country and technology, along with forecasts for the coming months and years; (2) Insights: a brief monthly analysis on an outstanding market issue; (3) Quarterly market update: Technologies, operator strategies, business models, public funding, services delivered over FTTx .
Examples of how FTTX deployments impact the CO include:
A report on the Global Market Share of PON, FTTH, and DSL Access in 2012 Q2 released by Infonetics, a consulting firm in the industry, ranked Huawei first in the fields of fixed broadband, FTTx, and PON for the past two consecutive years and the second quarter of 2012.
The first local authorities to set about deploying FTTx networks are mainly found in Scandinavia and North America.
Our FTTx Watch Service is specifically designed to provide operators, vendors, government bodies, regulators and local authorities with a comprehensive analysis of the issues affecting this promising market.
Description: This report analyses the developments in FTTx markets up to 2017.
The contract includes a joint OSS/BSS product development program to create a complete solution for open access FTTx networks and machine-to-machine communications covering all aspects of the roll-out and deployment, service Fulfillment and Assurance products & applications.