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(Fiber To The X) All possible optical fiber topologies from a telecom or cable carrier to its customers, based on the location of the fiber's termination point.

FTTC and FTTN (curb and neighborhood) are similar because the fiber ends outside the building. FTTH and FTTP (home and premises) are synonymous, and FTTE (enclosure) refers to a junction box on a floor or in a department in a large building. For more details, see FTTC, FTTN, FTTP and FTTE.

Acronym    Fiber To The: FTTC       Curb
      FTTN       Neighborhood/Node

     FTTH       Home
      FTTP       Premises

      FTTE       telecom Enclosure
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FTTx MANTRA brings together optical-fibre products with integrated network design, virtualisation, an inclusive approach to hyper-scale network deployment and intelligent software solutions that use analytics and big data.
FTTX also has less interference and interruption of service as well as little radiation emission.
The FTTX project is slated to last four years, and builds on previous fiber optic deployments.
The integrated software solution has been proven to deliver time and cost savings to FTTx projects.
The BIG 5530 can be offered at a very attractive price, which enables telecommunication providers a positive business model to switch off existing outdated “TDM“-based technology and to offer ISDN voice services for business customers in FTTX networks.
Valerie Chaillou, FTTx lead analyst at IDATE, notes "growth perspectives remains still high when superfast technologies(I) represent 22% of broadband access subscriptions at mid-20I3, and we expect ultra-fast broadband revenues will grow by 95% over the 5 next years to reach 182 billion EUR in 2017"
At the FTTx, attendees will be able to discuss the deployment and benefits that fibre optic brings to its nation's citizens and businesses," stated Ahmed al-Sulaiti, chief technical officer, Q.NBN.
Certification is key to future FTTx deployments and our efforts will enable next generation interoperable systems to come to market faster.
The BCM55524 quad OLT is designed to work in tandem with Broadcom's award-winning StrataXGS[R] aggregation switch series, combining feature-rich EPON and proven Carrier Ethernet performance in an end-to-end solution that meets the scalability, reliability, cost, and advanced feature set requirements of next generation FTTx deployments.
The projected increase in fixed service revenue will be attributed to developments in the fixed broadband sector, such as the growth of the presence of fiber to the x (FTTx), and especially business broadband subscribers.
This forecast came out during the third annual FTTx MEGNA two-day conference that was held in Dubai recently.
Summary: Huawei emphasized the role and importance of FTTX as a national sustainability and competitiveness imperative.