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, town (1993 est. pop. 8,580), in Eure dept., N France, Normandy, on the Seine. The twin communities of Grand-Andely and Petit-Andely form a commercial center, with a distillery, metalworks, glassworks, and silk and leather industries.
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Diagnosis: The diagnosis of FUT3 deficiency can be confirmed by mutation analysis of the gene (194).
Bombay blood group 211100 FUT1 or FUT2 Para-Bombay blood group 211100 FUT1 Non-secretor blood group 182100 FUT2 Lewis-negative blood group 111100 FUT3 CDG-IIc 266265 FUCT1 CDG-IId 607091 B4GALT1 CDG-IIe 608779 COG7 CMRD 246700 SARA2 Anderson disease 607689 SARA2 CMRD with Marinesco--Sjogren syndrome 607692 SARA2 A.