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Thus a decrease in the peak intensity of x-rays diffraction peak of a crystallographic plane due to increase in vacancy concentration is accompanied by an increase in FWHM or peak broadening of the diffraction peak.
In this breakthrough research, Louzhen Fan demonstrates that Triangular CQDs can produce multi-colored, narrow bandwidth emission, with high color-purity (FWHM of 30 nm), giving quantum yield up to 54-72%.
In Figure 5, curve (i) shows the nearly smooth bell-shaped profile (temporal profile) of the pump pulse with FWHM of 10 ns, while curve (ii) illustrates the pulse shape of the threshold LIF, wherein the pulse width is only 3 ns, with a rise time of 1 ns and a fall time of 2 ns.
Previously, FWHM of the Hounsfield distribution was suggested to be associated with parenchymal or emphysematous heterogeneity [17].
The spectrum of 2 [micro]m pulses has a FWHM of 105 nm, which could support as short as 42 fs pulse duration.
Significantly reduced amplitude (P=0.0003) and FWHM (P=0.026), and increased time-to-peak (P=0.047) were observed for elderly participants in GM.
Table 1: Measured FWHM and ringing of antenna impulse response for varying azimuth angles.
Meanwhile, the FWHM also displayed an obvious correlation with the crack length until a saturation crack length is reached.
The full width at half maximum values (FWHM) of rocking curve reflected the quality of samples with overall defect density and anisotropic mosaicity [14].
It should be recalled that the Raman spectrum (excited at 633 nm laser wavelength) taken from [alpha]C- and DLC-denoted areas (see [8]) contains all features typical for graphene: symmetric and clearly pronounced 2D band with full width at a half maximum (FWHM) of 40-56 [cm.sup.-1], [I.sub.2D]/[I.sub.G] ratio between 2 and 3.5, and [I.sub.2D]/[I.sub.D] ratio between 2 and 4.
The profiles in Figure 7(j) and Table 1 demonstrate that the size of the restored fluorescent target in terms of FWHM (~0.22 cm) is close to the size of the true target (0.3 cm) while the FWHMs of the original fluorescent images are around 1.86 cm.