Fabre DÉglantine, Philippe

Fabre D’Églantine, Philippe


Born July 28, 1750, in Carcassonne; died Apr. 5, 1794, in Paris. Figure in the Great French Revolution; Jacobin. Provincial actor.

Fabre moved to Paris in 1787. He gained fame as an author of comedies directed against the feudal regime. A member of the Cordelier Club from 1790, he took part in the uprising of Aug. 10, 1792, and was a member of the insurgent Paris Commune of 1792. In September 1792 he became a member of the National Convention, in which he served on the committee that drew up the Republican calendar. In late 1793 he joined the right wing of the Jacobins, which was grouped around G. J. Danton. Fabre was guillotined together with other Dantonists.