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* From the remaining print-cotton fabric, woven interfacing and foam interfacing, cut one flap each using the new pattern piece.
The finale had to be show-stopping-black and silver ballgowns in jacquard, a textured fabric, woven with exquisite patterns.
The artists used various mediums to complete the large C's including fabric, woven palm tree leaves, shells, coloured glass, calligraphy and paint.
"Textiles manufacturing - yarn, fabric, woven and nonwovens - is still here and growing," said A Blanton Godfrey, dean of the College of Textiles at North Carolina State University.
The thermal insulating layer comprises polyethylene, polypropylene, or polyester in the form of fiber, fiberfill batt, foam, knit fabric, woven material or fleece material.
The surface mimics the lightness of ancient sheets of parchment; it is constructed as a fabric, woven with warp and woof, but contains scoria and fragments of drawings, lacerations and clots of material.
Other Paxar operations include Paxar Systems, the care and fabric label printing systems specialist; and the Paxar Apparel Group, which produces 1.5 billion fabric, woven and self-adhesive labels and tickets every year.
Newport is a matelasse fabric, woven on a warp to give it a smooth hand.
It opened with an ankle-length Ifugao vest composed of strips of denim and ikat fabric, woven cords and native seeds.