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In-line fiber fabry-perot interferometer with high-reflection internal mirrors.
One of the major research areas currently under investigation in the project is the field of optical acoustic/seismic/ultrasonic microsensors using the principles of the Fabry-Perot interferometer (FPI) [4, 5], because of the simplicity in the principle and the availability of MEMS technologies for fabrication.
Alu, "Correcting the Fabry-Perot artifacts in metamaterial retrieval procedures," Phys.
The new DayStar Quark filter "H-alpha eyepiece" (a more apt name would be an "H-alpha Barlow") combines a telecentric Barlow with a small, power-regulated Fabry-Perot etalon used between your refractor's eyepiece and diagonal.
Fabry-Perot cavities have always received a great deal of interest in the realization of interferometric sensors due to their high sensitivity, simple structure and immunity to electromagnetic interference [1-7].
The company has combined its MEMS Fabry-Perot filter with a high-sensitivity power detector and an onboard wavelength calibrator on a single card.
57(12) MHz [12], in good agreement with an earlier, less precise measurement by Fabry-Perot spectroscopy [13].
This paper also illustrates Sandia National Laboratories' application of asymmetric Fabry-Perot modulators for bidirectional communication and optical heterodyning for control of phased-array radars.
The spectrum of argon-ion or doubled Nd:YAG laser light scattered by gas molecules in the exhaust plume is measured by a scanning Fabry-Perot interferometer.
Contract awarded for Decommissioning and recommissioning/realignment including relocation of two sets of JRS tandem (3+3)-pass Fabry-Perot interferometers from S12-03-06 to S13-03-13A and back to S12 03 06 after renovation.
As a result, these ZIMLs have to be embedded in apertures of horn antennas [11, 14], or function with reflection apparatus (such as the ground plane of the patch antenna [13, 15, 19, 20]) similarly to Fabry-Perot resonance [21-23], or enclose the whole structure of antennas [9, 16].
In some cases a swept diode laser or wideband source and swept fiber Fabry-Perot filter were used.