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(fəsäd`), exterior face or wall of a building. The term implies ordered placement of its openings and other features and thus seems inapplicable to a wall without design. Any freestanding structure may have four or more facades, designated by their orientation (e.g., north facade); a building flanked by other buildings on either side generally has only a front and a rear facade. In medieval churches the chief facade is that of the building's west end, which contains the principal entrance portals.
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The main exterior face of a building, particularly one of its main sides, almost always containing an entrance and characterized by an elaboration of stylistic details.
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The front of a building or a face of a building, given special architectural treatment.
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The exterior face of a building which is the architectural front, sometimes distinguished from the other faces by elaboration of architectural or ornamental details.
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Quando a publicidade tem a funcao de veicular produto ou servico alheio a edificacao/ estabelecimento onde esta inserida (10), o comerciante poderia perder um espaco comercializavel de sua fachada no evento de uma legislacao que proibisse esse tipo de anuncio na paisagem, como ocorreu na cidade de Sao Paulo.
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