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1. Law an actual event, happening, etc., as distinguished from its legal consequences. Questions of fact are decided by the jury, questions of law by the court or judge
2. Philosophy a proposition that may be either true or false, as contrasted with an evaluative statement
3. after (or before) the fact Criminal law after (or before) the commission of the offence




(artificial intelligence, programming)
The kind of clause used in logic programming which has no subgoals and so is always true (always succeeds). E.g.

wet(water). male(denis).

This is in contrast to a rule which only succeeds if all its subgoals do. Rules usually contain logic variables, facts rarely do, except for oddities like "equal(X,X).".
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All of the details, he claims, are sent to and checked by Army officials for factual accuracy.
An innovative study of the Soviet Gulag that combines narrative skill with factual accuracy.
Smith Goes to Washington, to how a last-minute switch made Ray Bolger a star and landed Buddy Ebsen in the hospital -- but the book is engaging and well researched and shows the author's attention to factual accuracy and impartial narration.
He contrasts the factual accuracy and tediousness of Petr's account with the more vivid and engaging texts by Jan Bradaty, George the Hermit, and the anonymous Account of the Death of Hus.
But if we're actually going to debate what Kitzhaber called the "right to work" issue - and I'm always game for a good debate - I would appreciate factual accuracy and logical consistency.
One important note to make is that the comments summarized in the report are portrayed as they were provided to the co-lead agencies, meaning they might not have yet been fully vetted for factual accuracy.
They stated factual accuracy takes a back seat to ideology.
The good reporter has a calling, not a profession, and conducts himself within the severest strictures of fairness and factual accuracy.
Economics, science and medicine, energy and the environment and diverse realms of public policy all depend on math as a guide to factual accuracy, sound judgment and intelligent opinion.
Bulletin staff members and FBI subject-matter experts judge articles according to relevance to the audience, factual accuracy, analysis of the information, structure and logical flow, style and ease of reading, and length.
The WSJ editorial claimed that the allegations were leveled against Apple to assist the Iranian regime, while the Huffington Post editorial by the woman's attorney called the factual accuracy of the editorial into question.
This requires that statements are meticulously checked for factual accuracy.