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a city in Rumania, on the Olt River, in Braşov Region. Population, 29,500 (1975). Făgăraş manufactures such chemical products as fertilizers. The city also has machine-building, furniture, and food-processing industries.



a mountain range in the Southern Carpathians. The range, which contains the highest mountains in Rumania, has a length of approximately 60 km and elevations of up to 2,543 m (Mount Moldoveanu). To the west of the Făgăraş Mountains is the valley of the Olt River, and to the east are the sources of the Dîmbovita River. The mountains are composed mainly of schists. Up to 1,700 m there are forests of oak, beech, and conifers; at higher elevations the mountains have subalpine and alpine vegetation, glacial lakes, and cirques. The peaks are jagged. A tourist attraction, the Făgăraş Mountains are used for mountaineering and skiing.

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"They were picked up as a pair of street dogs in a town called Fagaras in Romania.
"If you think of crossing the Carpathians, then some for instance want a ridge walk in the Fagaras Mountains, which means hiking from hut to hut in the Piatra Craiului Mountains National Park.
The inactivity at different ages it is a major problem for most countries.''(Fagaras et al., 2015, pg.
Following this incident the Prosecutors Office within the Courthouse in Fagaras, started a judicial file.
The area served by the laboratory in Fagara? was not investigated although in the 60s, the town of Victoria hosted within its water treatment plant, a fluoridation installation, because all the water sources in the area of the mountain bottoms in Fagaras have water with low doses of minerals, and there is also a goitre area with soil poor in iodine and fluoride.
Thus, in the metallurgical sector, beside the extension of Hunedoara and Resita plants, new ones were being commissioned in Galati, Roman, Cluj-Napoca, Targu Jiu and Buzau; the chemical sector witnessed the building of new combine works at Onesti, Savinesti, Navodari, Govora, Fagaras, Targu Mures and Turnu Magurele; while machine building benefited by the cut in Czechoslovakian imports and the creation of new plants in Barlad, Alexandria, Stei and Vatra Dornei.
(3.) Virginia Gherasim, Doctoral Thesis Summary, Potenfalul turistic al Depresiunilor Sibiului si Fagaragului (The Tourism Potential of Sibiu and Fagaras Depressions), Bucharest, 2006
Nestled between the icy peaks of Romania's Fagaras Mountains, the remote Ice Hotel stands 2,000m above sea level and can only be reached by cable car.
"In Romania, two EU-protected Natura 2000 sites in the Fagaras Mountains, one of which designated for the protection of endangered species such as otters and different species of fish, invertebrates and amphibians, have been 'invaded' by more than 50 small hydropower installations, causing destruction of mountain rivers and species", Ivanov said.