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(real name Yusaf Salman Yusaf). Born July 19, 1901, in Baghdad; died there Feb. 14, 1949. Figure in the Iraqi workers’ and communist movements.

The son of a worker, Fahad began his revolutionary career as a youth. In 1932 he founded a Communist group in al-Nasiriya. In 1934, Fahad became a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Iraq and in 1940 assumed the post of general secretary. He was arrested in 1947 and executed in 1949 by order of a military tribunal. Fahad received a posthumous pardon after the victory of the Iraqi revolution in 1958.


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Thereafter, Chief of the Naval Staff visited King Fahad Naval Academy and called on Commandant of the Academy, Rear Admiral Zead Al Otaibi.
Thereafter, the naval chief visited King Fahad Naval Academy and called on commandant of the academy Rear Admiral Zead Al Otaibi.
Speaking to ANI student union Secretary Mohammad Fahad said that they are not against the presence of President Kovind, but simply oppose 'sanghi' mindset.
Hafeez Afridi 25, Rizwan Khan 39, Mohammad Ilyas 25, Fahad Al Hashmi 2 for 41, Waseem Ahmed 2 for 10, Abdul Rehman 2 for 10) Pulse Secure 107 in 20 overs.
Al Omaniya Financial Services, Bank Muscat, Malabar Gold Jewellery, Air India, Safari Technical Services, Mint Projects International, Fahad Logistics and Perfect International Engineering Services.
Within weeks and after numerous tests, Fahad was diagnosed with stage two Hodgkin's Lymphoma turning his family's lives upside down.
After developing a chest infection, Fahad had to be treated with antibiotics before continuing with the chemotherapy.
He lauded Fahad Khawjah, a 12 grade student for winning such a great credential in the international Table Tennis circuit.
Vice Admiral Fahad Bin Abdullah Al Ghofaily is also an alumnus of Pakistan Naval Academy.
Later, Vice Admiral Fahad Bin Abdullah Al Ghofaily called on the Chief of the Naval Staff in his office, where discussions on professional matters and bilateral naval collaboration were held.
The investigators also recovered the pestle used by Fahad to hit his mother's head in a fit of rage on Dec 6 before he took her body with the help of his wife to the outskirts of the city and torched it in her own car.
The SSP, who quoted Fahad while disclosing the manner in which she was killed before being incinerated, hinted that it was not an intentional murder.