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Since there are 100 degrees and 180 degrees of measurement in Celsius and Fahrenheit scale respectively, each degree on the Celsius scale is equal to 180/100 or 9/5 degrees on the Fahrenheit scale.
Then, each student writes a statement that says, "I can read a thermometer using either Celsius or Fahrenheit scales."
We've already had our old Fahrenheit scale fiddled with.
Nearly 300million Americans still use the Fahrenheit scale - just as they still think in miles, pounds and pints - and they always will.
Perhaps we'll only make it to 100 long after people have forgotten what the fahrenheit scale even means.
Everything is bigger and different, even the Fahrenheit scale. Drive in Los Angeles and the temperatures can vary by 25 degrees in an hour as you head from Hollywood Boulevard through the canyons to Malibu and the Pacific.