Fahri Korutürk

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Korutürk, Fahri


Born in 1903 in Istanbul. Turkish military and state figure. Admiral of the navy (1959).

Korutürk graduated from the naval academy in Istanbul in 1932, after which he taught in various military higher educational institutions and became head of the naval academy. In 1935-43, Korutiirk was naval attache, at first in Italy, and then in Germany and Sweden. From 1943 he occupied leadership positions in Turkish naval units and staffs; he was commander of naval forces from 1957 to 1960. Korutiirk was Turkish ambassador to the Soviet Union from 1960 to 1964. He became a senator in 1968 and president of the Turkish Republic in April 1973.

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The sailing competition had earlier taken place under the auspices of previous Turkish presidents Ismet Inonu, Celal Bayar, Fahri Koruturk and Turgut Ozal.
The last Turkish president to visit Iraq was Fahri Koruturk in 1976.
Ecevit, who was out of office at the time, went to see President Fahri Koruturk and told him he thought the counterguerrilla force might have carried out the massacre.
Ali Baransel, who worked as the press advisor of former Turkish presidents Fahri Koruturk and Kenan Evren, commented on the military coups staged in Turkey.