Failure Rate

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failure rate

[′fāl·yər ‚rāt]
The probability of failure per unit of time of items in operation; sometimes estimated as a ratio of the number of failures to the accumulated operating time for the items.

Failure Rate


the index of dependability of a device that is not subject to repair. Most often it is used to define the dependability of the subassemblies of electronic and automatic systems. In numerical terms the failure rate is equal to the failure probability of the device during a time period beginning at a certain moment provided that no failure has occurred before.

Failure Rate


an index of the reliability of repairable tools and machines. The failure rate is defined as the average number of failures of the repairable device per unit of time and varies with time.

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The study also shows no major difference in filling failure rates between traditional amalgam and newer composite resin fillings.
As shown in Figure 18, the highest failure rate of the EPS-MCU functions is the motor drive unit.
Among Android devices, the Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy S5 reported the highest failure rates.
In other words, a failure cause's failure rate is derived from its own failure causes' failure rates.
Next question: How does a clinical failure rate of 34% fit according to past studies of shortened course antibiotic treatment of AOM?
00 is actually the average failure rate value for an inlet ambient temperature of 68[degrees]F (20[degrees]C) for a typical configuration of a volume server; the corresponding upper and lower bound of 1.
The average failure rate for opening batsmen is 51 per cent -- a whopping 15 per cent more than Gavaskar's figure.
The results in table(1) which pertains to b=1 (belongs to exponential law and represents constant failure rate [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (t)) agrees with the results already discussed as a particular case of the modal with exponential law.
However, contraception was provided at no cost, which made have improved adherence and led to an underestimation of failure rates, counterbalancing this potential bias," the study's authors wrote.
9% (17/90) failure rate for all right-sided embolization attempts, and a 3.
When failures rates of cast iron, ductile iron, PVC, concrete, steel and asbestos cement pipes were compared, PVC is shown to have the lowest overall failure rate according to the report.
Experian said the increase was by an increase in the failure rate among smaller firms - particularly those employing six to 10 employees.

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