Fair Havens

Fair Havens,

Crete: see LaseaLasea
, ancient town of Crete, S of Candia. It was near the harbor called Fair Havens. The Acts of the Apostles reports that it is where Paul landed. Some ruins remain.
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References in classic literature ?
It was as though he had sailed for many years over a great waste of waters, with peril and privation, and at last had come upon a fair haven, but as he was about to enter, some contrary wind had arisen and drove him out again into the open sea; and because he had let his mind dwell on these soft meads and pleasant woods of the land, the vast deserts of the ocean filled him with anguish.
However, I was released the next day, obtained my mended shoe, and returned to the woods in season to get my dinner of huckleberries on Fair Haven Hill.
Once again these old eyes have seen this fair haven," the Ancient Mariner, beside them gazing, babbled; and Daughtry could not help but notice the way the wheat-farmer and the pawnbroker pricked their ears to listen and glanced each to the other with scant eyes.
No flowers requested, but donations should be sent for Fair Havens Hospice, c/o 19 Midhurst Avenue, Westcliff-On- Sea, Essex SSO OMP.