Marino Faliero

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Faliero or Falier, Marino

(märē`nō fälyā`rō, fälyār`), 1274–1355, doge of Venice (1354–55). As commander of Venetian forces he defeated (1346) Louis I of Hungary at Zara, and later he held high diplomatic posts. Soon after his election as doge, the Genoese triumphed over the Venetians. The new doge, at odds with patricians who had insulted his family, joined dissatisfied plebeians in a conspiracy to assassinate the nobles, overthrow the oligarchy, and make Faliero dictator. The plot was discovered; Faliero and his accomplices, tried by the Council of Ten (see Ten, Council ofTen, Council of,
in the republic of Venice, a special tribunal created (1310) to avert plots and crimes against the state. It was a direct result of the unsuccessful Tiepolo conspiracy against the Venetian oligarchy. In 1335 the body was given permanent status.
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), were executed. Faliero's life has inspired works by Byron, Swinburne, Delavigne, Delacroix, and Donizetti.
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In one long row, around the great hall, were painted the portraits of the Doges of Venice (venerable fellows, with flowing white beards, for of the three hundred Senators eligible to the office, the oldest was usually chosen Doge,) and each had its complimentary inscription attached--till you came to the place that should have had Marino Faliero's picture in it, and that was blank and black--blank, except that it bore a terse inscription, saying that the conspirator had died for his crime.
At the head of the Giant's Staircase, where Marino Faliero was beheaded, and where the Doges were crowned in ancient times, two small slits in the stone wall were pointed out--two harmless, insignificant orifices that would never attract a stranger's attention--yet these were the terrible Lions' Mouths!
This strategy is paying off in dividends with the likes of luxury shoe brand Aquazzura and fashion accessories brand Faliero Sarti choosing Albemarle Street for their first standalone UK stores.
About Masi: Faliero Masi founded "Cicli Masi" in his home town of Sesto Fiorentino in 1926.
Tra le caratteristiche geniali che egli attribuisce a Donizetti spiccano il tratteggio storico e musicale di personaggi come Enrico Vili o Anna Bolena e, soprattutto, tra le opere, il Marino Faliero (Parigi, Theatre-Italien, 12 marzo 1835), oggetto di grande ammirazione da parte di Mazzini, in cui vi trova un esempio di "congiura reale" e sul quale spende una lunghissima tirata di elogi che si protrae per piu di una pagina, con un crescendo concitato e ammirativo:
The case of Murray versus Elliston (1822) would confirm this principle when King's Bench determined that bookseller John Murray could not restrain proprietor of Drury Lane Theatre Ralph Elliston from publicly performing Lord Byron's Marino Faliero just days after copies of the work were put on sale.
Serological studies were conducted by commercial ELISA kit (Otranto et al., 1999, 2005; Faliero et al., 2001) which was basically developed for bovine hypodermosis (IDEXX hypodermosis serum antibody test) but has also been validated for use in goats, deer, camel and men (Morsy et al.,
For this purpose early detection of the infection was performed serologically by applying commercial ELISA kit (Otranto et al., 1999, 2005; Faliero et al., 2001).
Marino Faliero was Donizetti's fiftieth opera, commissioned by Rossini for Paris but somewhat overshadowed by Rossini's other commission that season--Bellini's I Puritani.
In 1899 he married soprano Nina Faliero and wrote a number of songs for her and later, some hundreds of 'action songs' for young children.
Byron wrote in the preface to Marino Faliero, Doge of Venice, that Walpole was "the father of the first romance, and the last tragedy of our language, and surely worthy of a higher place than any living writer, be he who he may" (xx).