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MEMORIES: War veterans | |at a Buenos Aires ceremony last week remembering the Falklands war
He said the Prince made his day by chatting to him about his graphic work, My Life In Pieces: The Falklands War.
We are very excited to welcome Richie on board and are sure his experience, knowledge, skills, personality and love of the game will help the club and the Falklands team continue to go from strength to strength.
He said: "It's not the Navy I joined at the age of 13, or that I served in during the Falklands.
The Admiral was a truly courageous and decisive leader, proven by his heroic command of the Royal Navy Task Force during the Falklands conflict.
A TRULY COURAGEOUS AND DECISIVE LEADER': Tributes paid by the Prime Minister after the death of Falklands Task Force leader Sir John "Sandy" Woodward.
Victor Bulmer-Thomas, a Latin America expert Chatham House, said that the Falklands occupies a special place in the political heart of Britain: unlike the Cayman Islands or Turk and Caicos, which is now ruled from Westminster after its premier was embroiled in a corruption scandal.
The service will include a pipe lament; a solo sung by the daughter of a major who died; a reading by a Falklands widow and a march off of standards.
Argentine president Cristina Kirchner has been trying for months to put pressure on Britain over the Falklands.
The people of the Falklands are British and have chosen to be so.