False Pregnancy

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Pregnancy, False


(also pseudopregnancy, pseudocyesis), in women, a state marked by the simulation of pregnancy (cessation of menses, enlargement of the breasts, nausea, apparent fetal movement). A psychosomatic condition, it demonstrates the influence of the mind on various organs. Most false pregnancies are observed in women who are infertile. The condition is diagnosed by obstetrical examination and negative biological test results.

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The dog won a Best of Breed prize at Crufts after the herb wall germander ended the unwelcome behaviour pattern for a false pregnancy.
At The Vic, Abi berates Babe for taking advantage of their friendship, which leads to Babe sending a letter to Ben about Abi's false pregnancy.
Back at The Vic, Abi gives out to Babe for taking advantage of their friendship and Babe responds by sending a letter to Ben about Abi's false pregnancy.
org/our-issues/education-%2526-title-ix) "actual or potential parental, family or marital status" or on a student's "pregnancy, childbirth, false pregnancy, termination of pregnancy or recovery therefrom.
However, this can also happen if a female dog has a pseudo or false pregnancy
For example, Marguerite de Navarre tells her brother Francois I about her apprehensions before giving birth to her first child; she also alludes to possible miscarriages and a false pregnancy, provides details of family members' illnesses, and reports sadly on Louise de Savoie's failing health.