Family Member

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Family Member


in jurisprudence, a person who has the rights and bears the duties that are based on family relations.

Soviet legislation does not provide a set definition of a family member. The norms of various branches of Soviet law, proceeding from the purposes of legal regulation and the nature of the relations regulated, give legal weight to various circumstances that determine the character of the relationship a person has with a family. These circumstances include kinship, dependence, joint residence with other family members, and the maintenance of a common household.

Legislation dealing with marriage and the family establishes the personal and property rights and duties of family members; the right to receive support payments is among these rights. Civil legislation determines the rights and duties of family members regarding, for example, inheritance and housing. Legislation on labor and social insurance covers the rights of family members to receive financial support or a pension in case of the loss or incapacitation of the breadwinner. Kolkhoz legislation establishes the mutual rights and obligations of family members with respect to the joint property of the family or kolkhoz household.

In certain circumstances, people enjoy various benefits or privileges, as established by law, by virtue of being members of a given family. For example, a person is entitled to receive a moving allowance if a member of his family is being transferred to a new place of work. In accordance with Article 34 of the Law on Universal Military Obligation of Oct. 12, 1967, a person enjoys the right to delay a call to active military service for reasons concerning members of his family.

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7) Unrecognized seropositive individuals may include family members of the index case, who share the same source of brucellosis and similar genetic and environmental risk factors for the disease.
Embassy in Mexico City's General Services Office, on a family member appointment.
Another factor that brought Keyes to Brown-Forman was listening to Brown family members and employees who told him how special the city of Louisville is.
To address possible concerns about the credibility of the analyses, a family member who had received services from the FMSC service center in the past evaluated them.
If the family member chooses to have no employment at all, philanthropy can provide a positive outlet for these individuals.
The position of the American Medical Association (AMA) clearly means: "Thou shalt NOT care for thy family member.
A spokesman for the Assembly Labour Group said: "Any appointment of a family member by an AM is a matter of public record and can be found in the Register of Interests.
A six-part series in this journal in 2006 and 2007 outlined the many roles that family members can play, including that of educator (Dokken & Ahmann, 2006; Dokken, Moretz, & Black, 2007).
Inviting a representative from senior management can additionally support the efforts, as can inclusion of a former patient or family member who can speak from experience.
All patients have the right to have family members present during cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and indeed the patient's family members should be offered the opportunity to be present, European critical care societies believe.
An employee can take up to eight weeks of job-protected, unpaid leave to provide care or support to a specified family member who has a serious medical condition with a significant risk of death occurring within a period of 26 weeks.
The father is encouraged, in session, to request that he become a less peripheral family member, and the mother responds by inviting him to share in the responsibilities related to the disabilities.