Famous People

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What does it mean when you dream about famous people?

The appearance of a specific famous person in our dreams—particularly a person we regularly think about—can simply be a reflection of our waking state. Otherwise, a famous person can represent a higher status to which we aspire, or, alternatively, a parental figure.

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People invested with him because of all the other famous people doing it.
These six famous people include: American actor Johnny Depp, Japanese actress Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, Japanese TV personality Matsuko Deluxe, Trump, American singer Lady Gaga, Australian model Miranda Kerr and English actor Benedict Cumberbatch.
Human beings seem to need famous people. I bet the first Stone Age cave painter achieved a certain level of fame as people came to see his leaping wildebeest.
I've enjoyed interviewing lots of famous people over the years, but you can't beat meeting and interviewing characters like Doreen.
Each week, he invites famous people to cook with him - and you can imagine the mess they make.
There will be a display of Old Lockwood as well as a display of Quotable Quotes from her Majesty and one or two other famous people.
TELLY experts believe the spate of celebrity deaths in 2016 is explained by the post-war baby boom and the simple fact there are more famous people around.
So Jerry Seinfeld's got this web series in which he drives famous people around in beautiful classic cars to go get a cup of coffee, and then they talk, but the real joke is that nobody is more famous than Jerry Seinfeld.
There are a lot of famous people, but not all famous people can do anything.
Evans confirmed that Top Gear welcomes everybody, noting that "famous people, ex-famous people as well as up-and-coming famous people" can take their shot.
Craftsman Stuart says: "The most famous people I've made jewellery for include the Queen, Prince Charles, Elton John, the Beckhams.
Her new show, Tumble, will involve famous people attempting to compete against each other in gymnastics.