Fang Chih-Min

Fang Chih-Min


Born 1900 in Iyang District, Kiangsi Province; died July 1935 in Nanch’ang. Figure in the Communist Party of China (CPC). Member of the CPC from 1922 and of its central committee from 1928.

Fang Chih-min took part in the Nanch’ang Uprising of 1927; he then organized and led the partisan struggle in several districts of Kiangsi Province, where he created a base of revolutionary support that soon encompassed more than 20 districts of the provinces of Kiangsi, Fukien, Anhwei, and Chekiang. In 1931 he was appointed commissar of the × Corps of the Chinese Red Army, becoming corps commander in 1932.

In 1934, Fang was appointed commander of an advance column of the Red Army that was sent north from Kiangsi to engage the Japanese invaders. In January 1935 his troops were surrounded by superior forces of the Kuomintang Army in southern Anhwei Province. While breaking through the encirclement, Fang Chin-min was captured; he was subsequently executed.


In Russian translation:
Tiuremnye zapiski. Moscow, 1959.