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This process is indicated by paleo-talus along the northern end of the Fundy Basin (Olsen and Et-Touhami 2008), by regional tilting of all basin strata toward border faults, and by Jurassic border fanglomerates mapped in rift basins in eastern North America (Olsen 1997).
The Cordillera del Viento Formation is formed by conglomerates and fanglomerates in the lower part, that pass to sandstones and finally andesitic-lava flows interbedded with rhyolitic ignimbrites and andesitic sills, highlighting the bimodal character of the sequence (Leanza et al., 2005; Llambias et al., 2007).
Most interesting Conchostracans are found, short below and above the basal fanglomerates of the La Lieude Fm.
The overlying fanglomerates of the La Coulee Formation of eastern Gaspe (Jutras et al.