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What does it mean when you dream about fans?

Fans are used to “cool off,” a common metaphor for calming down after being in a highly emotional state. Fans can also have the opposite effect, however, by increasing the power of a raging fire (by feeding it with oxygen)—the source of such expressions as “fanning the flames.” Old-fashioned folding fans can symbolize both women and the phases of the moon. Finally, electric fans can represent danger because of their blades and their potential for causing electrocution.

References in classic literature ?
Let me tell you, Saxon, honest to God, that was one of the times I wanted to go through the ropes an' drop them fans a-yellin' for blood an' show 'em what blood is.
Lady Winwood took the fan from Launce with one hand, and took Natalie's arm with the other.
But she did n't let the contrast between herself and Fan trouble her; for in a minute she laughed and said, contentedly, "My mother likes me to dress simply, and I don't mind.
and Fan gave the cherub a shake, which produced an explanation.
They all went about their own affairs; and after doing the honors of the house, Fan was called to the dressmaker, leaving Polly to amuse herself in the great drawing-room.
Polly thought that a very odd speech, and could n't help saying, "Are n't Fan and Maud little girls, too?
Fan has been a young lady this two years, and Maud is a spoiled baby.
That 's the way I was brought up, and that 's why Fan calls me old-fashioned, I suppose.
She got up and went to the table to measure herself by it, and found that, as nearly as she could guess, she was now about two feet high, and was going on shrinking rapidly: she soon found out that the cause of this was the fan she was holding, and she dropped it hastily, just in time to avoid shrinking away altogether.
Alec's attention had not suddenly been called to her by a breeze from the big fan that blew his hair into his eyes, and reminded him that they must go.
Whang Lo had given her a Chinese umbrella; Uncle Alec had got some lanterns to light up her balcony; the great fan lay in her lap, and the tea-set reposed at her feet.
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