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Seasonal aggregation sites for white sharks include, for example, the Farallon Islands in the United States and Guadalupe Island in Mexico (Hoyos-Padilla et al., 2016), but it is commonly reported at low densities outside this type of aggregation sites (Compagno, 2001).
Over a 15-year span, Elliott has had more than 400 encounters with sharks at the Farallon Islands without the protection of a cage, according to ( Diving Almanac. 
By spring semester 2015, field-testing proceeded on fifteen above-ground prototypes intended to house a smaller variety of Auklet on California's Farallon Islands off the coast of San Francisco.
When she first comes to the Farallon Islands, Miranda feels like she is "going back in time," and in a way, she is: this is a place with mandated human noninterference in the ecosystem; a place without cell phones or internet; even without agriculture.
At the South Farallon Islands, California, gonad sizes were examined by HRC (unpubl.
Possibly the same bird reached the Farallon Islands along northern California.
Thirty miles off the coast of California sit the Farallon Islands. To visit them is to feel as though one has cast aside the constraints--and comforts--of civilization.
Today, the discovery of the Independence raises questions about the health and environmental hazards faced by wildlife surrounding the Farallon Islands Radioactive Waste Dump, which is in a region that today contains a marine life sanctuary.
In 2014, Lenning completed a 30-mile Farallon Islands crossing in 15 hours 47 minutes, becoming the first male to complete a two-way crossing of Lake Tahoe.
In other centers of great white tourism--San Francisco's Farallon Islands, South Africa, South Australia--shark cage diving can be frustrating.
Two weeks earlier, five sailors died in racing accident near the Farallon Islands off the coast of San Francisco.
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