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(Directional Correlational DeInterlacing) An algorithm from Genesis Microchip's Faroudja division, San Jose, CA (www.meridian-audio.com/faroudja) that is used to deinterlace video content (convert from interlace to progressive scan). DCDi is known for its smooth interpolation of video content as it fills in the missing lines (see interlace). Used in Faroudja's own products, DCDi algorithms are also licensed to many other consumer electronics companies.

Many Processes Are Used
DCDi uses a number of techniques including film mode detection, which determines that the source was film and instantly switches between video and film deinterlacing modes. Bad edit detection looks ahead of the video stream for breaks in the 3:2 sequence caused by improper editing and compensates accordingly.

DCDi also performs cross-color suppression, which eliminates the rainbows that surround fine black and white detail such as a herringbone jacket because color has leaked in. The latter is caused by low-cost comb filters that separate composite video into component signals (Faroudja also makes a high-end comb filter for composite sources). See interlace, deinterlace and telecine.

DCDi Eliminates the Jaggies
DCDi fills in the missing lines in interlaced video. It produces fewer jaggies in diagonal transitions than other methods by analyzing the changes in motion in both video fields. (Image courtesy of Home Theater and High Fidelity, www.hometheaterhifi.com)
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has finalised the acquisition of the patent portfolio of California-based video imaging company Faroudja Enterprises, the company said.
One statement on the Faroudja Enterprises website says it best: "The Company does not perform compression coding or decoding.
This range has a 14 BIT Video Processor, Dual Core processor, FAROUDJA Video & Audio optimized, STRATA certified audio, 10 Band Graphic Equalizer, Easy Connect, Over the Air Software and much more.
According to the company, the PowerLite 1940W, 1950 and 1960 are designed for users who want a bright projector at an affordable price and offer features such as split screen, DICOM simulation mode, Faroudja DCDi for a home cinema-like experience and diverse digital connectivity with HDMI and DisplayPort.
The STDP6000 ensures the high picture quality usually found in professional-grade workstation monitors by implementing ST's world-class Faroudja RealColor technology, which offers image enhancement, deep color support, and enhanced wide-gamut-panel support with improved color fidelity.
The Genesis technology portfolio features analog and mixed signal System-on-a-chip design, DCDi(R) by Faroudja deinterlacing, TrueLife(TM) video enhancement and IntelliComb(TM) video decoding and includes over 135 patents.
Providing a dramatically crisp picture, RCA DVD model DRC480N incorporates Faroudja Directional Correlational Deinterlacing (DCDi) progressive scan technology that produces smoother and more natural images while eliminating jagged edges on interlaced video.
The XD200 ColorView boasts Emmy-award winning video processing technology, known as Directional Correlational Deinterlacing (DCDi(TM)), invented and patented by Faroudja, a division of Sage Inc.
In addition, he has been a member of the Board of Governors of the National Academy of Cable Programming and a member of the Board of Directors of the CAB, C-SPAN, The Discovery Channel, QVC, Prime Time Tonight, EIDAK Corporation, PrimeStar Partners and Faroudja Research Enterprises, Inc.