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"The smokiness and sweetness play really well together" without overpowering the mead, Fass says.
Contact FASS confidentially on 0141 420 2050 or email them at
Reid (an independent artist) and Fass (a visual artist based in Edinburgh) lived and worked in the streets of Nicosia among both communities, from April to July 2015, with the intent of creating a portrait of the capital with a fresh perspective.
Fass, who is currently working in the private sector and is advisor to state institutions in several countries, presented Israel's economic experience and expounded on the possibilities of its application in the Republic of Macedonia, for example through the establishment of a national investment fund for the support of hi-tech companies.
If by now you're wondering, VOM FASS is a premier specialty retailer of oils, vinegars, spirits, liqueurs and wine.
"The oil & vinegar store is the hottest concept today, riding on the foodie craze," says Jeff Young, director of franchise development for Vom Fass USA and Crescendo USA.
An election-year natural, "Radio Unnameable" is ostensibly about Bob Fass, one of the more famous/ notorious personalities in New York media and an icon of free-speech radio.
Karlinsky , a shareholder at Colodny, Fass, Talenfeld, Karlinsky & Abate, practices in the areas of insurance regulatory and transactional law and governmental affairs.
Puma Fass 300 trainers, pounds 65 SOFA SURFERS Whether it's a fitness DVD or the soaps, you're more likely to be giving your TV remote a workout than your body.
Mumbai In a bid to spread awareness against the practice of female foeticide in the city, the Forum against Sex Selection (FASS) held interactive session with students to organise a gender equality initiative on the occasion of National Youth Day yesterday.
The impetus for this workshop came from the recent Borneo Research Council's Biennial International Conference hosted by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) at UBD on 25-28 June at which several local anthropologists suggested that we begin a follow-up stock-taking exercise to discuss recent and current anthropological research in Borneo Studies and develop a future agenda for collaborative work.
Wood's THE IDEA OF AMERICA (9780142429396, $19.95) receives an excellent narration by Audie Award winner Robert Fass, and is a recommendation for any audio collection strong in nonfiction and American history.