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Fès (fĕs) or Fez (fĕz), Arab. Fas, city, N central Morocco. In a rich agricultural region, it is connected by rail to Casablanca, Tangier, and Algeria. The city is noted for its Muslim art and its handicraft industries. It gave its name to the brimless felt caps that were formerly characteristic items of Muslim dress in the Middle East. Fès was the capital of several dynasties and reached its zenith under the Merinid sultans in the mid-14th cent. It declined under the Sa'adi and Filali dynasties, who chose Marrakech as their capital. The ulama, or religious council, of the city often played a role in the selection of the sultans of Morocco.

Fès consists of the still vibrant old city (or medina; founded 808) and the new city (founded 1276), connected by walls. The city has more than 100 mosques; the mosque containing the shrine of Idris II, founder of the old city, is one of the holiest places in Morocco. The Qaraouiyine (or Qarawiyyin) mosque is the center of a Muslim university that was especially influential in the Middle Ages and has one of the world's oldest libraries. Fès is the destination of pilgrims who visit the many tombs of saints and scholars. Nearby are the thermal baths of Sidi Harazem.

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Frankenstein Cross Assemblers. A reconfigurable assembler package, especially suited for 8-bit processors, consisting of a base assembler module and a yacc parser, for each microprocessor, to handle mnemonics and addressing. Second party parser modules available from many sites.

Base assembler and yacc parser modules by Mark Zenier. FTP: ftp.njit.edu/pub/msdos/frankasm/frankasm.zoo.


FAS. A general purpose language sponsored by the Finnish government in the 70's and 80's.
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