Fast Reactor

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fast reactor

[¦fast rē′ak·tər]
A nuclear reactor in which most of the fissions are produced by fast neutrons, with little or no moderator to slow down the neutrons.
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Fast Reactor


(also fast-breeder reactor), a nuclear reactor in which a chain fission reaction of nuclear fuel is effected by fast neutrons. High-energy neutrons produce a relatively high yield of fission neutrons. The absorption of some fast neutrons by nonfissionable isotopes followed by their conversion into fissionable isotopes (for example, 238U into 239Pu) results in the production of nuclear fuel (the formation of secondary fuel). (The conversion ratio may attain 1.6:1.) A breeding blanket surrounds the core in the reactor tank (see Figure 1). In a fast power reactor, the coolant (mainly liquid sodium) is heated in these blankets and emits heat to the working steam-water medium in the heat exchangers. If a sodium coolant is used, the reactor and steam-generating circuits are separated by an intermediate (also sodium) circuit in order to prevent radioactive sodium from entering the turbine circuit. Other means of heat removal can be used.

Figure 1. Cross section of the vessel of a fast reactor in the nuclear electric power plant in the city of Shevchenko

The breeding of nuclear fuel in a fast reactor makes it possible in principle to utilize all the existing uranium resources, including 238U, substantial quantities of which remain unused in reactors operating on thermal neutrons. A series of experimental fast reactors has been built in the USSR, and an electric power plant based on a fast reactor has been built in the city of Shevchenko (Kazakh SSR).


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Since 2010, DEC has dedicated in R&D of key equipment for fast reactor and closely cooperated with CIAE to continuously improve and upgrade the technology for its actual engineering realization.
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The DOE also supports research and development activities on the high-temperature gas reactor and the sodium fast reactor.
The company is conducting a trial at Fujian's Sanming city with a small-scale reactor of around 20 megawatts using 'experimental fast reactor' technology.
Koch, former manager of the Experimental Breeder Reactor-II (EBR-II), offers a first-hand account of the development, design, construction, and initial operation of this facility, which has contributed to the foundation of knowledge for all fast reactors. He explains why certain design choices were made while others were rejected.
Therefore, nuclear fuel for a fast reactor must have
Department of Energy and the French Atomic Energy Commission have inked a cooperation pact on the development of sodium-cooled fast reactor prototypes, which will be more energy-efficient than conventional nuclear reactors, the agency said.
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To date, the government has undertaken various activities toward FBR development, including the achievement of an experimental fast reactor "Joyo" (initial criticality in 1977) and of a prototype fast reactor "Monju" (criticality in 1994).
-Gas-cooled fast reactor system (GFR): The GFR features a fast-neutron-spectrum, helium-cooled reactor and a closed fuel cycle
-Gas-cooled fast reactor system(GFR):The GFR features a fast-neutron-spectrum, helium-cooled reactor and a closed fuel cycle
- Gas-cooled fast reactor system(GFR)The GFR features a fast-neutron-spectrum, helium-cooled reactor and a closed fuel cycle.

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