Asarah be-Tevet

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Asarah be-Tevet (Fast of the Tenth of Tevet)

Between December 13 and January 10; Tevet 10
Asarah be-Tevet is a Jewish fast day commemorating the beginning of the siege of Jerusalem by the Babylonians under King Nebuchadnezzar in 586 b.c.e. that was a prelude to the destruction of the First Temple. The fast begins at first morning light on the 10th day of the Jewish month of Tevet.
In Israel it is also a day to remember the victims of the Holocaust. However, Jews outside Israel observe Yom ha-Shoah as Holocaust Memorial Day.
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Police say Yehuda Etzion lifted up the palms of his hands in an act of surreptitious prayer during the visit, which took place to mark the Fast of the Tenth of Tevet. Non-Muslims are forbidden from praying at the site due to Muslim threats of violence, and Jews in particular are closely monitored by police and members of the Waqf Islamic trust which administers the site, to ensure they do not do so.
He wrote that though according to Jewish tradition, the month of Nissan is not a time for sad commemorations, and though Israel's Chief Rabbinate has set aside the Fast of the Tenth of Tevet as a day to mourn for Holocaust victims, there is a difference between the two days: "The Tenth of Tevet is a day of remembering the Holocaust and the Day for General Kaddish [a memorial prayer], while the 27th of Nissan [today] is a day for remembering the heroism shown by the Jews during the Holocaust."