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Lorie Arm Horner, along with eleven other plaintiffs, sued the KHSAA alleging it violated Title IX by not sanctioning girls' fast-pitch softball while sanctioning boys' baseball, the male equivalent sport.
It took the German baseball players in camp only a matter of days before they recognized that the Japanese fast-pitch softball league was much more than a poor substitute for baseball.
Wilson had been one of a handful of longtime Indian fast-pitch softball players at that time who carried around what seemed to a young Dwight and his cousins like some type of magic potion.
Wildfire Girls Fast-pitch Softball Tryouts Charlton residents 10 and younger, 1-2:30 p.m.
Eugene Thunder: The Eugene Thunder fast-pitch softball team for 14A is holding tryouts for the 2011 season at the field behind Cascade Middle School from 9 a.m.
The Greater Wenatchee Girls Softball Association hosts the Sterling Invitational fast-pitch softball championships that weekend as well, which typically involves 60-plus teams.
As you continue down the treacherous road of fast-pitch softball, remember that this is, has been, and will always be a game.
A professional fast-pitch softball hurler himself, Smith whips the old phone out of a drawer when asked how he turned a legal pad and a pipe dream into a headhunting empire.
"It's not just softball, it's fast-pitch softball," says Daniels, adding, "I like to dress up--not in slinky dresses or high-heeled shoes, not even combat books or tight T-shirts.
He said one of his proudest accomplishments is helping to bring girls' fast-pitch softball to Auburn.
Although White doesn't have head coaching experience, his name has credibility in the fast-pitch softball community.